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The Beginning of Time

During the Black Death, one village has been totally unaffected by plague. The Catchpole’s, an ambitious local family, have taken over the unworked lands of the dead, forcing the villagers to work the ...
Author: MANKTELOW, RogerCast (at least 8): 7M 5FFull-Length.
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The Book of Recipes

Florence, 1509. At the end of a short but turbulent life, aged 46 Caterina Sforza lies dying in her palace. For the past 10 years she has been living in reduced circumstance, but only in contrast to t ...
Author: MANKTELOW, RogerCast (at least 10): 7M 8FFull-Length.
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The Sword of Anathema

Set in the 11th century the play is a fiction based on the Investiture Dispute between Pope Gregory 7th and Henry 4th, king of Germany. It covers the period from Easter 1076 to the following Januar ...
Author: MANKTELOW, RogerCast (at least 8): 10M 4FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadBased on real people/eventsDetailsDetails

Roger Manktelow

New playwright, ex radar technician, social worker and manager of a small charity. Aged 60 living in Sheffield currently a semi-retired voluntary worker and writer of historical dramas, three so far. 'The Sword of Anathema' concerning the 11th Century Investiture Dispute. 'The Beginning of Time' a study of opportunism during the Black Death. 'The Book of Recipes' about the Renaissance Italian 'Virago' Katerina Sforza. I am also a member of Script Yorkshire.

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