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An Act of Twisting

Four women are involved in a secret project to improve the standard of torture. What ingredients can the female psyche add? Funny, disturbing, shocking and tragic, 'An Act of Twisting' explores the na ...
Author: MCGLYNN, IanCast (at least 4): 4 FOne-Act.
Adult ThemesSwearingComedyTragedyThrillerDetailsDetails


How do you make a relationship work when one of you is never there? How do you cope when you really like your boss? How do you control your arachnophobia when there are spiders everywhere? And how do ...
Author: MCGLYNN, IanCast (at least 5): 3M, 2FFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSwearingNudityTragedyThrillerDetailsDetails


School reunions... brilliant fun, eh? A great time for reminiscing, catching up, having a laugh. No chance that things could degenerate into an alcohol and drug-fuelled nightmare of desperate flirting ...
Author: MCGLYNN, IanCast (at least 5): 3M, 2FFull-Length.
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Ian McGlynn

Ian McGlynn studied theatre at Warwick University and Mountview Theatre School, before going on to act and direct professionally. Reunion and Presence were both performed at The Rondo Theatre. His latest play, An Act of Twisting, was performed at the King's Head, Islington in May 2007. He is currently Theatre Director of The Rondo Theatre in Bath.

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