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The Art of War

5 characters meet in a Restaurant in New York. Over 5 years we see how the war comes to affect everyone regardless of age, religion, gender or nationality. The play starts in 1945 and takes us backwar ...
Author: GARDINER, PeterCast (at least 5): 4M 1FFull-Length.
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Peter Gardiner

I have 3 full-length plays. 'The Art of War', 'Before, During and After' and 'Inside'. 'The Art of War' has been read to me by a group of actors. 'Before, During and After' is still in development. 'Inside' is also still in development. I am a professional actor who has written plays because I've been inspired by something, or because I've been inspired by something and thought to myself 'there's a part in that story for me'! As I am a Scottish Actor I have therefore set 1 of my plays - 'Before, During and After' in Scotland and Inside' is about a Scottish family. 'The Art of War' has no Scottish characters in it - I might have to re-write that one!

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