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A Matter for Revenge

The play opens in a cafe where the owner Joan and some of her friends are practising the cha cha for the weekly dance they enjoy. A customer comes in, the dancers leave and Joan serves this lady some ...
Author: ROCHE, CiaránCast (at least 9): 9FOne-Act.

A Nice Quiet Morning

This black comedy is set in a day room in a psychiatric hospital. The room has a sitting area with a table and chairs and a kitchen area. Dorothy plans to have a nice quiet morning and get her pa ...
Author: ROCHE, CiaránCast (at least 7): 7F or 6F 1 MOne-Act.

Heaven Help Me

Heaven Help Me tells the story of a 'not so young' Joan who has met Harry at the doctor's surgery where she has a partime job. Harry has asked her to marry him( she thinks!) and being inexperienced in ...
Author: ROCHE, CiaránCast (at least 7): Cast: Joan 50s; Ghost of Love; Ghost of Lust; Ghost of the New Woman; Ghost of the Older Woman; Ghost of Reason ; Gabriella Very good parts for female actresses. The play was very well received and enjoyed by audiences. 7 FOne-Act.

Tick Tock

Joan gets a visit from a solicitor who tells her that her grandmother, from whom she has been estranged for many years, is dying and wants to see her. Joan blames her grandmother for her father's deat ...
Author: ROCHE, CiaránCast (at least 7): 4F 3MFull-Length.

Ciarán Roche

Irish Playwright with a number of good strong one act plays available to groups

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