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Of Dark and Bright

Based on historical events of the 15th century, Of Dark and Bright is about the trial and banishment of the Duchess of Gloucester for crimes of heresy and witchcraft. Her involvement in English hi ...
Author: FARINA, AlisonCast (at least 8): 4M 4FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeTragedyHistoricalRomanceBased on real people/eventsDetailsDetails

Paradise Left

The story is based on early Jewish literature naming Adamís first wife as Lilith, not Eve. Lilith was created by God alongside Adam and it was only after a sexually charged conflict between Lilith an ...
Author: FARINA, AlisonCast (at least 11): 4M 7WFull-Length.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesMild SwearingComedyHistoricalRomanceFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Seven Tears by Moonlight

This is a story of love and loss and the different forms it can take. Based on the Scots/Irish folktale 'The Selkie Bride', Seven tears tells the story of a fisherman, his family and how the secret ...
Author: FARINA, AlisonCast (at least 9): 4M 5FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeTragedyRomanceDetailsDetails

Alison Farina

Alison has been acting since the early 1990s and revived a masters degree in theatre Performance from Goldsmiths College, University of London. After Goldsmiths she and a colleague formed Attic Door Theatre, a professional theatre company based on the Isle of Man. On the island Alison was also the artistic director of the Manx performance group Possain Straiddey which focused on Manx folklore, mummer's plays and street performances produced for festivals and holidays. In 2003 she trained with Improbable Theatre in London in the art of improvisation and devising theatre and used these methods to bring her stories together.

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