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Choking the Butterfly

Nominated for Best New Irish Play // BBC/Stewart Parker Trust Award 2009 Teenage conjoined twins Betty and Barney are left to their own devices in an abandoned button factory after an operation to ...
Author: JOHNSON, JamesCast (at least 3): Full-Length.
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Mrs Billy Klein is preparing to celebrate her Jubilee wedding anniversary with her husband, but as she waits, a marriage is dissolving in next door's front garden and this housewife cannot help but c ...
Author: JOHNSON, JamesCast (at least 2): 1 Male 1 FemaleOne-Act.
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Pale Cissy

boys spread lumps and infections. so the girls have decided they've had enough. so they've decided to get rid of them all at The Burning of the Cissy's and start a new world without them. Where the on ...
Author: JOHNSON, JamesCast (at least 3): 2 Male, 1 FemleFull-Length.
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Under the Influence of Men

DOE approaches struggling young female novelist BLAIR to ghost write a memoir on his childhood relationship with an older man - the book is written and much like other childhood memoirs is a wild succ ...
Author: JOHNSON, JamesCast (at least 6): 4 Male, 2 FemaleFull-Length.
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James Johnson

Studied at Queens University Belfast, Ireland, has worked with theatre companies around the UK and Ireland. Nominated BBC/Stewart Parker Trust Awards [Best New Irish Play]

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