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Gravestone Lickin' Good

Death has a problem. Her name is Pamella Pilsborough. This southern cook is costing Death tons of paperwork and he’s grown tired of dealing with this thorn in his side. Southern food is bad for you, ...
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 6): 1M, 5F, 2 AnyOne-Act.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyHorror/GhostBased on real people/eventsFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

If God Ate Fried Chicken

If God Ate Fried Chicken is the story of Father Seacrest and Sister Blanche, secretly out on a date together to a chicken joint. Little do they know that fate has other plans for them, as uninvited ou ...
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 8): 1M,1F, 6-8 AnyOne-Act.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeComedyFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

In the Drink

A melodramatic comedy about the founder of a new brand of cherry cola and his not-so-charming wife, who are living the life of the rich and famous - this, despite the fact that their new cherry cola h ...
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 2): 1M, 1FOne-Act.
Adult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Sassafras Cannon

Sassafras Cannon is a civil-war black comedy play highlighting and satirizing the follies of human nature, at its base. Featuring a set of characters ranging from the offbeat Bloodworth family, holdin ...
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 10): Lucian Bloodworth (20's and up), Constance Bloodworth (20's and up), Anson Bloodoworth (10-18), Orpheus (20's and up), Hughe Verdigris (20's and up), Jefferson Davis (20's and up), Methe (20's and up), Housestaff/Investors (20's and up)Full-Length.
Adult ThemesSwearingComedyTragedyHistoricalHorror/GhostThrillerBased on real people/eventsFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

The Color of Coalsmoke

Coalsmoke is fuming, and not in a pun on it's namesake. Mayor Metrohouse is in hot water, and it isn't from the heat. Coalsmoke is on the edge of revolution, and it is being felt in the mayor's office ...
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 11): 3M, 3F,5-30 AnyOne-Act.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyThrillerFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Tune In

When Danton Stanton ‘accidentally’ kills oil tycoon Mr. Paramount, he alters his will and inherits Mr Paramount’s long neglected TV station, also ‘by accident.’ Danton decides to make the best of thi ...
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 11): 5M, 1F - Up to 25 possible doubling roles of either genderFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyBased on real people/eventsFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Timothy Starnes


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