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God Bless Dewsbury

Dyed-in-the-wool Yorkshireman MICK has won a weekend for two in New York on a radio phone-in. Short of a wife, he invites his fishing pal, BERNARD to explore the delights of Manhattan with him. The p ...
Author: MEE, JohnCast (at least 9): 5M, 4F OR 3M, 2FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesSwearingComedyDetailsDetails

What i Did at School Today

Lloyd George Junior School has had an inspection, and the report’s not good. The scheming head is only concerned with sucking up to anyone who’ll enhance his CV, and the all-female staff are either to ...
Author: MEE, JohnCast (at least 13): Main Parts: 5F + 2M Smaller Parts: 4F + 2MFull-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyRomanceFarceDetailsDetails

John Mee

Two and a half plays plus a musical thus far!

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