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A Change for the Better

Claire and Chloe accidentally learn that their Mother is about to embark upon a new life in Brazil. The cast of three females each have strong roles. ...
Author: THORP, KenCast (at least 3): 3 FEMALES (2 40's 1 60's)One-Act.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeDetailsDetails

Just a Gigolo

Close friends Daphne and Moira find their lives are changed, in different ways, when they entertain an ageing and somewhat debauched gigolo. ...
Author: THORP, KenCast (at least 3): 2F, 1M.One-Act.

The Karzy Brigade

In 1952 four young National Servicemen are digging latrines in the Army training grounds of Luneburg Heath, Germany. The arrival of an attractive WVS worker causes some consternation. The Amateur Sta ...
Author: THORP, KenCast (at least 4): 4M,1F.One-Act.

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