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The year is 2026. The place The United States of New Eden (earth renamed). Andrew sits alone in his run down inner-city bedsit when. Seconds leter is home is raided. Andrew is arrested for looking at ...
Author: FLEMING, LeonCast (at least 8): 6M/2F + othersFull-Length.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesMild SwearingTragedyThrillerSurrealDetailsDetails

Pay the Rent

22 year old Billy is a rent boy (male prostitute) living in bedsit land. Billy lets us into his home, introduces us to his frineds and lets us in on some of the comedy and tragedy of his life. ...
Author: FLEMING, LeonCast (at least 5): 4M, 1FOne-Act.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesMild SwearingSwearingComedyTragedyDetailsDetails


Grown-up brother and sister, Philip and Alison, must scour the attic of their childhood home to find something, before the house is sold and their ill mother is placed in full-time care. But what is i ...
Author: FLEMING, LeonCast (at least 4): 2M, 2FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadMild SwearingTragedyHorror/GhostDetailsDetails


Through police interviews and converstaions with husband and wife we learn of how a sinister chain of events can lead to it's end point: the tragic climax. ...
Author: FLEMING, LeonCast (at least 6): 3M, 2F, 1M/FOne-Act.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performTragedyDetailsDetails

Leon Fleming

I write both full-length and one-act plays mainly for my production company: Starting Voice Theatre Productions, but also welcome enquiries as to the licensing of existing plays and the commisioning of new plays.

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