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Friends Re-divided

Two former school friends meet for the first time in over 20 years, after contacting each other through the internet. After speaking for some time, it becomes clear that they were never realy particu ...
Author: ROBINSON, MarkCast (at least 2): 2M, 1FFull-Length. (Draft)
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If Undelivered, Return Me Too

A young man that has earnt money in the xmas break from uni by selling items on eBay wraps up his parcels for customers with his eccentric and every so dippy mother, and his sexually frustrated sister ...
Author: ROBINSON, MarkCast (at least 3): 1M, 2FOne-Act. (Draft)

My Boring Life

Short comic play about the idiosyncrocies of adolescence. Martin is 17, a 6th form school student, and miserable. Has high esteem of himself, yet is socially inadequate The play takes part in the s ...
Author: ROBINSON, MarkCast (at least 4): 2M, 2FOne-Act. (Draft)

The Measurements of Mr Ives

This comedy takes place in a tailor's, where young apprentice Colin Ives can't help but tell his customers all about his intimate details in efforts of small talk. He's a charming but rather odd youn ...
Author: ROBINSON, MarkCast (at least 2): 2MOne-Act. (Draft)

What do we do now?

Two students, Mark and Chris, enter a pub immediately following their graduation from University, and ponder what to now do with their lives. Very character-based, witty, but touching - as the two fr ...
Author: ROBINSON, MarkCast (at least 2): Simply 2MOne-Act. (Draft)

Mark Robinson

21, Student at Salford University. I'm interested in taking on writing as a career of some sort. Recently developed a passion for theatre and plays. Love work of Dennis Potter

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