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Megan is very ill in hospital so her best friend Jamie writes stories to amuse her. They're all of cowboys, knights and superheroes facing villains to rescue someone (each played out as a mini-play) but it soon becomes apparent that Jamie can't help Megan in her fight and she passes away. He then gives up on his dream of becoming a writer until he realises that it was Megan who was the hero of his story; her courage inspires him for a future without her.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 15): 15 with doubling (6M, 7F and 2E)Full-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyTragedyThrillerDetailsDetails

Goldilocks and the Four Bears

Princess Goldilocks is going camping for her 17th birthday. She secretly wants to find her two sisters who mysteriously disappeared in The Terrible Forest of Doom.† Danger lurks everywhere, as her wicked aunt plans to claim the throne on her way to world domination. Then there's the small matter of four grizzly bears!
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 33): 6F, 3M, 24EFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The evil chancellor is taxing everyone out of house and home. Meanwhile, the shoemaker finds shoes in his workshop, appearing overnight as if by magic. This is a large cast full length British Pantomime.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 18): 2M, 6F, 10EFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Manifesto for Murder

There's an election due and the new candidate on the block is challenging the current MP who has been in office for many years. Someone is about to be voted out permenantley, when murder rears it's head, but can the audience work out whodunnit?
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 6): 4F, 1M, 1EFull-Length.
Adult ThemesTragedyThrillerDetailsDetails

All for the Money

The family are not happy when at 70 years old, patriarch Max acquires a lady friend. Fearing that he will marry her and they will lose their inheritance, Max's long lost ex-wife returns to the fold believing Max is dead and that she will inherit his estate. Max however, has secrets of his own and other plans for his inheritance. Then there's the little matter of his identical twin brother and a son who appears out of the blue.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 11): 6F, 5MFull-Length.
Adult ThemesMild SwearingComedyFarceDetailsDetails


Set in a dying Mormon mining town in Utah in 1893, three young women must fight for their agency and livelihood. Winnie enters into a relationship which becomes abusive and becomes pregnant. Julia is betrothed to a man on the East Coast and is getting ready to leave, while secretly hoping to see the woman she is in love with. Ida is engaged to Seb, but Sebís mother, Bertha, is skeptical. When the mine in the town explodes, many characters break down and turn on each other.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 6): 4F, 2MFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeTragedyHistoricalRomanceDetailsDetails

If you go down to the woods

In this black comedy, a notorious bridge over a river near a wood attracts a group of oddly matched people one fine spring morning. Each arrive with a diverse motive in mind; love, murder, suicide - and bird watching!
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 11): 6M, 5F, 2 EitherFull-Length.
Adult ThemesMild SwearingComedyDetailsDetails

The Thief of Time

In 1752, the calendar was changed to fit with the rest of the world. 11 Days were 'skipped' to catch up but in this play, the inhabitants of a village assume those 11 days pose a vortex in which anything could happen. Fear, anxiety and accusations of witchcraft abound in this surreal play for all ages.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 11): 5F, 6M and 10 more incidental characters which can be doubledFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyHistoricalBased on real people/eventsFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

The Thief of Time

The story concerns the 11 days lost overnight in 1752 to make the calendar right with the rest of the world. The arrival of a storyteller in a village sets off a hornets nest of superstition about what will happen overnight, and the void they have to leap as they sleep in their beds.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 12): 21 roles, 9 major with 6M and 5FFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyBased on real people/eventsFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Murder at the Library

The new library manager is sweeping clean with her new broom, but trouble is accumulating under the carpet. Tensions between her and regular staff run high and it's clear the security guard is earning a little extra on the side. A visiting artist, a poet and other library visitors add to the potent mix that will lead to murder most foul. It's up to the audience to work out whodunit!
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 9): 5F, 3M, 1 EitherFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeComedyTragedyDetailsDetails

The Reluctant …migrť

It is the year 1789. In order to ease the overcrowding in Britain's prisons the government has begun sending male prisoners to Botany Bay in Australia. They then realise that to "prevent irregularities" and keep the male prisoners happy there is one important thing missing - females. We see our heroine, Sarah WHITLAM, a naive young country girl, who has been wrongly convicted of theft of a fire back from her landlady, being thrust on board a female convict ship alongside prostitutes and thieves to be sent away from her native land to the new colony. Will she survive? Can she convince anyone of her innocence?
Author: BREEZE, TONYCast (at least 12): 10 females & 2 female juvenilesFull-Length.
Files available for downloadOn-line performing licencesAdult ThemesDetailsDetails

Snow White and the Winter Queen

The Winter Queen is no longer the fairest of them all so before Snow White can fall in love with the Prince of Antarctica so sends her to sleep - a spell that can only be broken by a kiss from a Gnome. Pity she only knows seven dwarfs really! This is a traditional pantomime with all the usual ingredients.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 12): 2M, 3F, 7 EitherFull-Length.

Heirs and DisGraces

'Heirs and DisGraces' is a murder mystery where the audience have a chance to interrogate the suspects afterwards. Set during WW2, the family of Lord George Withering are summoned urgently to Withering Hall. Imagining the elderly lord to be dying, they rush home, to find him in the best of health and planning to marry a Land Army Girl. This news is not met with universal delight and the family all have reasons for ensuring the wedding does not go ahead. That evening his Lordship gives a banquet in honour of his bride to be, but for one it will be their last supper
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 9): 5F, 3M, 1 EitherFull-Length.
Adult ThemesComedyTragedyThrillerDetailsDetails

The Edge

After a devastating flood caused by the onset of Climate Change, a bridge collapses and traps five very different personalities together. This is a fast paced verbal drama with strong moral messages.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 7): 2F, 4M, 1 eitherFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSwearingTragedyDetailsDetails

Captain Cobalt versus the Sinister Scientist

Captain Cobalt is an up-and-coming superhero trying to balance her heroic deeds with her secret identity, a lowly pet store clerk. She battles everything from giant squid monsters to cheese-themed super-villains, encountering bystanders (and a love interest) along the way. The final showdown is with Captain Cobalt's nemesis, the nefarious Dr. Killington; a mad scientist who insists that she is the hero of the story. This is an off-the-wall comedy with audience interaction.† The staging can be as minimal or elaborate as the production requires. A main part of the humour is derived from the fact that all the props are bananas.†
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 2): 2F playing 18 CharactersFull-Length.
Adult ThemesComedyFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Cinderella and the Magic Doll

Cinderella is told she can't go to the ball by her wicked step-sisters. However, her fairy godmother appears to make sure she meets the prince. It's not Prince Charming she falls in love with however, it's the Royal Footman, Dandini.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 10): 3F, 3M, 4 EitherFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Dick Whittington and the Night Mayor of London

Dick Whittington goes to London to seek his fortune but when he's tricked into helping close the market by the evil Mayor, he has to find a way to make amends. All the usual trimmings of a British Pantomime included as well as some games and songs.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 9): 2F, 2M, 5 eitherFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Bountiful Gifts

Itís the 1990ís and Rosemary is hosting her dysfunctional family for Thanksgiving as usual. But this year the stakes are especially high because her husband Ed was just offered a big transfer/promotion out to California. But Rosemary, who has devoted her life to this contentious group, does not want to move and leave her family behind. In order to change Edís mind, Rosemary is determined to make this the most peaceful, joyous, family affirming Thanksgiving of her career. The only real obstacle is her family: a sister-in-law with a brain tumor; a self-obsessed teenage son who does hair and make-up; a daughter-in-law and son who want to move back in; a caustic sister who loves to be a pot boiler; an aunt in her eighties who insists on being treated like a princess; and a neurotic hippy niece who canít be in the same room as her mother. Join this cast of characters as they put Rosemary through the ringer while she tries to create a day of family bliss.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 9): 3M, 6FFull-Length.
Adult ThemesMild SwearingComedyDetailsDetails

About Dad

Gertrude is not happy about her husband Henry's father moving in with them so she tries to find a moment to sit down and discuss it with him. However, Henry's father is actually dead and is hanging around with unfinished business - to make amends with his son.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 6): 4M 2FFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeDetailsDetails

God Bless Dewsbury

Dyed-in-the-wool Yorkshireman MICK has won a weekend for two in New York on a radio phone-in. Short of a wife, he invites his fishing pal, BERNARD to explore the delights of Manhattan with him. The problem is neither have been abroad before. In fact, theyíve never set foot outside Yorkshire before! What they find in America and what follows them back will put them off leaving Dewsbury ever again.
Author: MEE, JohnCast (at least 9): 5M, 4F OR 3M, 2FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesSwearingComedyDetailsDetails

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