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Captain Cobalt versus the Sinister Scientist

Captain Cobalt is an up-and-coming superhero trying to balance her heroic deeds with her secret identity, a lowly pet store clerk. She battles everything from giant squid monsters to cheese-themed super-villains, encountering bystanders (and a love interest) along the way. The final showdown is with Captain Cobalt's nemesis, the nefarious Dr. Killington; a mad scientist who insists that she is the hero of the story. This is an off-the-wall comedy with audience interaction.  The staging can be as minimal or elaborate as the production requires. A main part of the humour is derived from the fact that all the props are bananas. 
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 2): 2F playing 18 CharactersFull-Length.
Adult ThemesComedyFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Cinderella and the Magic Doll

Cinderella is told she can't go to the ball by her wicked step-sisters. However, her fairy godmother appears to make sure she meets the prince. It's not Prince Charming she falls in love with however, it's the Royal Footman, Dandini.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 10): 3F, 3M, 4 EitherFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Dick Whittington and the Night Mayor of London

Dick Whittington goes to London to seek his fortune but when he's tricked into helping close the market by the evil Mayor, he has to find a way to make amends. All the usual trimmings of a British Pantomime included as well as some games and songs.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 9): 2F, 2M, 5 eitherFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Bountiful Gifts

It’s the 1990’s and Rosemary is hosting her dysfunctional family for Thanksgiving as usual. But this year the stakes are especially high because her husband Ed was just offered a big transfer/promotion out to California. But Rosemary, who has devoted her life to this contentious group, does not want to move and leave her family behind. In order to change Ed’s mind, Rosemary is determined to make this the most peaceful, joyous, family affirming Thanksgiving of her career. The only real obstacle is her family: a sister-in-law with a brain tumor; a self-obsessed teenage son who does hair and make-up; a daughter-in-law and son who want to move back in; a caustic sister who loves to be a pot boiler; an aunt in her eighties who insists on being treated like a princess; and a neurotic hippy niece who can’t be in the same room as her mother. Join this cast of characters as they put Rosemary through the ringer while she tries to create a day of family bliss.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 9): 3M, 6FFull-Length.
Adult ThemesMild SwearingComedyDetailsDetails

About Dad

Gertrude is not happy about her husband Henry's father moving in with them so she tries to find a moment to sit down and discuss it with him. However, Henry's father is actually dead and is hanging around with unfinished business - to make amends with his son.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 6): 4M 2FFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeDetailsDetails

Biddies' Borstal

The Gardener at Sunny Glades Residential Home finds a dazed man in the grounds and brings him into the annex, the titular 'borstal' where the more 'awkward' residents are kept.  At first they believe he is the Grandson of one of the residents, but they soon realise he is carrying false ID and he is in fact an assassin. Why is he there and who has he been sent to kill? There is humour and drama aplenty in this compelling interwoven character driven comedy.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 9): 6F 4MFull-Length.
Adult ThemesMild SwearingComedyDetailsDetails

God Bless Dewsbury

Dyed-in-the-wool Yorkshireman MICK has won a weekend for two in New York on a radio phone-in. Short of a wife, he invites his fishing pal, BERNARD to explore the delights of Manhattan with him. The problem is neither have been abroad before. In fact, they’ve never set foot outside Yorkshire before! What they find in America and what follows them back will put them off leaving Dewsbury ever again.
Author: MEE, JohnCast (at least 9): 5M, 4F OR 3M, 2FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesSwearingComedyDetailsDetails

Robin Hood

The Sheriff of Nottingham decides to marry Maid Marion just to get one over on his enemy Robin Hood. However, Dame Dolly Dripp has other ideas. Follow Robin into Sherbet Forest in this fun mid-length Pantomime for Children.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 15): 4M, 3F, 17 EitherFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails


Set in the United States, Jessica is holding a surprise birthday party for her girlfriend Samantha. She has planned the weekend to include dinner with friends, followed by a surprise proposal.  However, plans are thrown into chaos when friends cancel and both of their mothers show up a day early. Jessica had no idea that Samantha has not told her mother that she is in a new relationship or that it is with a woman. Frustration and confusion follow as Samantha has to find a way to break the news to her mother whilst Jessica decides if she can forgive Samantha.  The play is an extremely authentic portrayal of mother-daughter relationships, both cordial and trying.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 4): 4FFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performDetailsDetails

Ronnie the Fird

The play is set at Weatherly College, a fictitious public school in the south of England during the early 1960’s. Ronnie Mills, a street wise Londoner, aged 16 years, whose parents were killed in a motor car accident is sent to the college by his wealthy grandfather. Ronnie is a keen student of History and has a great interest in The Plantagenet kings, particularly Richard III. The students pick up on Ronnie’s interest and nickname him ‘Ronnie the Fird’ He is admired by retired college Professor Spindlethorpe who views Ronnie as a mature young man and a useful tool in helping to solve the social problems at the college. Ronnie’s first social engagement is with the college bully, Henry Henderson, the son of a wealthy army officer and a benefactor of the college. Ronnie is subjected to a bout of name calling and punches Henderson, knocking him to the ground, narrowly escaping expulsion from the college. Henderson seeks revenge and Ronnie is involved in a series of confrontations with Henderson and his cohorts, including Jacobs, Henderson’s right hand man. The situation culminates in Ronnie’s new found friend Jamieson being forced to fall from a balcony and admitted to hospital in a coma. The college is informed by the police there is no evidence against the bullies, who were cleverly disguised and no evidence of an attack is found on Jamieson’s body. The police consider the matter as being part of a schoolboy prank. However, a knife discovered close to the body reveals its owner as a member of Henderson’s gang and Ronnie helps to solve the problem and expose the members of the gang.
Author: PASSMORE, KeithCast (at least 18): 14M 4FMFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeDetailsDetails

Michael Armstrong, the factory boy

Based on a novel by Frances Trollope first published in 1840; Michael Armstrong, a child working in the cotton mills of Lancashire 'rescues' a noble lady from a cow standing in her path. As a reward she persuades her wealthy mill-owner friend to take the boy in.  Michael soon displeases his benefactor who arranges for him to be apprenticed to the remote Deep Valley Mill where the regime is brutal. On learning of the appalling conditions that children have to endure in factories, heiress Mary Brotherton sets out to find Michael and bring him home.  On visiting Deep Valley she is told that Michael has died and so adopts a factory girl in his place. Ten years later we learn that Michael had in fact, escaped from Deep Valley. Upon learning that Mary has also adopted his own brother, they are all united just as a new Act is passed improving the conditions for children in factories. This is a large cast full length play suitable to be performed to an audience of all ages.  Although the play requires a company of 26 actors, it can be performed by a cast of 16 actors with doubling.
Author: FOR STAGE, ScriptsCast (at least 16): 13M, 13FFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performAdaptation of book/filmDetailsDetails

What i Did at School Today

Lloyd George Junior School has had an inspection, and the report’s not good. The scheming head is only concerned with sucking up to anyone who’ll enhance his CV, and the all-female staff are either too lazy, too disgruntled, or too naive to care. Suddenly, a handsome new supply teacher walks in and everyone falls over to win his attention. Shocked to find the woman he loved and lost at uni there, can he re-kindle the flame?
Author: MEE, JohnCast (at least 13): Main Parts: 5F + 2M Smaller Parts: 4F + 2MFull-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyRomanceFarceDetailsDetails

Spiderella and the Pantomime Villain Academy

Malificent has left Pantovia for the bright lights of Disney land so there's a new Pantomime Villain in town. The villains are tired of losing their pantomimes every year so they look to Spiderella to teach them how to defeat the goodies for once. Can Widow Twankee, Aladdin, the social-media obsessed Tinkerbell and the Fairy Godmother save Pantovia and make sure all this year's Pantomimes still have a happy ending? Traditional English Pantomime with song suggestions and alternative lyrics.
Author: NUTTALL, PeterCast (at least 11): 2M, 5F, 4 Either. Full-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Raven About Poe

This collection of six short plays is intended to be performed in sequence as a night of macabre, bizarre and entertaining (yet family-friendly) horror, mystery and comedy. However, each piece can be performed independently. Each Scene/Story has difference characters so doubling is possible. The plays are : The Raven Tell-Tale Heart The Masque of the Red Death The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemaar The Angel of the Odd Hop Frog
Author: NUTTALL, PeterCast (at least 13): VariousFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyTragedyThrillerAdaptation of book/filmFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Day of all Days

Jean is the perfect host and has planned a get together to celebrate their friends Diane and George’s 25-year partnership. Bringing everyone together has been a bit of a trial and things go wrong – the cake is destroyed in an accident involving Dan and Jean’s best friend, Karen. Their daughter Sarah’s boyfriend decides not to attend, Karen’s husband Harry prefers to support his football team and to cap it all George’s car breaks down, which results in the celebration being postponed to the following day in this drama about secrets and lies. About 23 years ago Dan and Karen had an affair and Dan is unaware that a child, Chris, born of the relationship was adopted rather than aborted. Dan thinks that Jean, although aware of the relationship, knows nothing about the child and has been living under a cloud of guilt ever since. Everything goes wrong when Chris, now 22 years’ old arrives at the party. Tension builds as other family members start to let their secrets out as well, culminating in the final arrival of the last guests of the evening!
Author: PASSMORE, KeithCast (at least 11): 5F and 6MFull-Length.
Adult ThemesDetailsDetails

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is put into a magical sleep by the evil witch Maleficent. Maleficent wants the kingdom for herself and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
Author: LYE, DavidCast (at least 12): 5M, 5F + 2 M or F + extrasFull-Length.

Snow Good the pantomime

Snow Good aka Snow White - the pantomime carries a warning: it is dangerous for wearers 5of spectacles as viewing of a performance will cause spectacles to mist up from laughing so much, you'll cry! This is an hysterically funny retelling of the Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs fairy tale which will enthrall the whole family.
Author: PASSMORE, KeithCast (at least 31): Various - full details in the script.Full-Length.


The story is inspired by the murders of Dartmouth professors Half and Susanne Zantop, January 2001. Two high school boys from Vermont came to their home under false pretenses and murdered them for a hundred dollars in cash. The murders were, of course, notorious. They followed on the heels of the Columbine murders and since then there has been practically an epidemic of senseless murders by young people in the USA. This is a play script about teen murder. There’s a fine line between a dream and reality, well that is until there isn’t… that is until your dreams no longer serve their purpose as a subconscious escape and instead prey on your psyche: creating a world you can neither inhabit nor feel a firm part of. Willy and Noah are young white youths, trying to both define themselves and make a stamp on their society. They dream of joining the American Nazi party. Both boys have dreams – they need something to make them stand out. They dream of doing something big. They dream of it day and night. Until it becomes hard to tell whether they’re awake or dreaming… Both Willy and Noah tread the barrier in this play about the consequences of blurring the lines that separate delusions from actuality. Was their sense of self elevated in their dream state? Were Noah and Willy just plain bored with their reality? Or did they forget where in the world they truly belonged, when they made a choice that would affect them and two German professors? Dreamtime explores what happens when two doubtful aspiring American Nazi youths take certainty and uncertainty into their hands…and the cost of human life in between.
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 6): Six actors 3M 1F and two extras who play all the smaller partsFull-Length.
Files available for downloadTragedyBased on real people/eventsDetailsDetails

The Fortunate Boy

An unromantic comedy. The ‘fortunate boy’ of the title is Maurice, who was abandoned as a baby by his mother, Rose, a street-singer, discovered by the Constable, and adopted by Bradshaw, the mayor, and his wife Eve, as an adjunct to their various ambitions. Marriage is forced on Maurice and his girlfriend, Belinda – the Constable’s daughter, only because the wedding itself will further the devious ambitions of Bradshaw, and the Constable, and so that Eve, an events organiser, can be seen to be at the peak of her profession. But things go downhill with the re-appearance of Rose, and a sequence of revelation and recognition mean the wedding cannot take place, as Maurice and Belinda are actually brother and sister. Then Maurice proposes a solution which should satisfy all concerned, the event goes ahead, the siblings escape, and while the poor people of the town riot against Bradshaw’s scheme, the parents’ relationships fall apart.
Author: , Cast (at least 6): 3m, 3fFull-Length.
Adult ThemesDetailsDetails

Holiday island

Holiday Island – a British comedy drama, is set in a typical if superior quality holiday hotel in a popular tourist resort, such as Tenerife. A group of newly arrived holiday-makers are just convening in the lobby. They are kitted-out in predictably loud holiday apparel, starting out as a pretty anonymous-looking bunch. As they check-in however, slowly getting to know each other and going about the business of enjoying their holidays, we detect the emergence of their true characters. The cultural and social aspects of their lives though interesting, are not nearly as captivating as their psychological depths. A poignant, yet funny British comedy drama that shows people as they really are when they are away from the comfort of home.
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 17): 17-20, 9M 8-11F, 3 are children 1 boy 2 girlsFull-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyDetailsDetails

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