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Day of all Days

Jean is the perfect host and has planned a get together to celebrate their friends Diane and George’s 25-year partnership. Bringing everyone together has been a bit of a trial and things go wrong – the cake is destroyed in an accident involving Dan and Jean’s best friend, Karen. Their daughter Sarah’s boyfriend decides not to attend, Karen’s husband Harry prefers to support his football team and to cap it all George’s car breaks down, which results in the celebration being postponed to the following day in this drama about secrets and lies. About 23 years ago Dan and Karen had an affair and Dan is unaware that a child, Chris, born of the relationship was adopted rather than aborted. Dan thinks that Jean, although aware of the relationship, knows nothing about the child and has been living under a cloud of guilt ever since. Everything goes wrong when Chris, now 22 years’ old arrives at the party. Tension builds as other family members start to let their secrets out as well, culminating in the final arrival of the last guests of the evening!
Author: PASSMORE, KeithCast (at least 11): 5F and 6MFull-Length.
Adult ThemesDetailsDetails

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is put into a magical sleep by the evil witch Maleficent. Maleficent wants the kingdom for herself and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
Author: LYE, DavidCast (at least 12): 5M, 5F + 2 M or F + extrasFull-Length.

Snow Good the pantomime

Snow Good aka Snow White - the pantomime carries a warning: it is dangerous for wearers 5of spectacles as viewing of a performance will cause spectacles to mist up from laughing so much, you'll cry! This is an hysterically funny retelling of the Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs fairy tale which will enthrall the whole family.
Author: PASSMORE, KeithCast (at least 31): Various - full details in the script.Full-Length.

What i Did at School Today (Rev. 2018)

Lloyd George Junior School has had an inspection, and the report’s not good. The scheming head is only concerned with sucking up to anyone who’ll enhance his CV, and the all-female staff are either too lazy, too disgruntled, or too naive to care. Suddenly, a handsome new supply teacher walks in and everyone falls over to win his attention. Shocked to find the woman he loved and lost at uni there, can he re-kindle the flame?
Author: MEE, JohnCast (at least 13): Main Parts: 5F + 2M Smaller Parts: 4F + 2MFull-Length.
Files available for downloadOn-line performing licencesAdult ThemesMild SwearingSwearingComedyRomanceFarceDetailsDetails


The story is inspired by the murders of Dartmouth professors Half and Susanne Zantop, January 2001. Two high school boys from Vermont came to their home under false pretenses and murdered them for a hundred dollars in cash. The murders were, of course, notorious. They followed on the heels of the Columbine murders and since then there has been practically an epidemic of senseless murders by young people in the USA. This is a play script about teen murder. There’s a fine line between a dream and reality, well that is until there isn’t… that is until your dreams no longer serve their purpose as a subconscious escape and instead prey on your psyche: creating a world you can neither inhabit nor feel a firm part of. Willy and Noah are young white youths, trying to both define themselves and make a stamp on their society. They dream of joining the American Nazi party. Both boys have dreams – they need something to make them stand out. They dream of doing something big. They dream of it day and night. Until it becomes hard to tell whether they’re awake or dreaming… Both Willy and Noah tread the barrier in this play about the consequences of blurring the lines that separate delusions from actuality. Was their sense of self elevated in their dream state? Were Noah and Willy just plain bored with their reality? Or did they forget where in the world they truly belonged, when they made a choice that would affect them and two German professors? Dreamtime explores what happens when two doubtful aspiring American Nazi youths take certainty and uncertainty into their hands…and the cost of human life in between.
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 6): Six actors 3M 1F and two extras who play all the smaller partsFull-Length.
Files available for downloadTragedyBased on real people/eventsDetailsDetails

The Fortunate Boy

An unromantic comedy. The ‘fortunate boy’ of the title is Maurice, who was abandoned as a baby by his mother, Rose, a street-singer, discovered by the Constable, and adopted by Bradshaw, the mayor, and his wife Eve, as an adjunct to their various ambitions. Marriage is forced on Maurice and his girlfriend, Belinda – the Constable’s daughter, only because the wedding itself will further the devious ambitions of Bradshaw, and the Constable, and so that Eve, an events organiser, can be seen to be at the peak of her profession. But things go downhill with the re-appearance of Rose, and a sequence of revelation and recognition mean the wedding cannot take place, as Maurice and Belinda are actually brother and sister. Then Maurice proposes a solution which should satisfy all concerned, the event goes ahead, the siblings escape, and while the poor people of the town riot against Bradshaw’s scheme, the parents’ relationships fall apart.
Author: , Cast (at least 6): 3m, 3fFull-Length.
Adult ThemesDetailsDetails

Holiday island

Holiday Island – a British comedy drama, is set in a typical if superior quality holiday hotel in a popular tourist resort, such as Tenerife. A group of newly arrived holiday-makers are just convening in the lobby. They are kitted-out in predictably loud holiday apparel, starting out as a pretty anonymous-looking bunch. As they check-in however, slowly getting to know each other and going about the business of enjoying their holidays, we detect the emergence of their true characters. The cultural and social aspects of their lives though interesting, are not nearly as captivating as their psychological depths. A poignant, yet funny British comedy drama that shows people as they really are when they are away from the comfort of home.
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 17): 17-20, 9M 8-11F, 3 are children 1 boy 2 girlsFull-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyDetailsDetails

Wotcha! Gotcha! Funny steam Punk pantomime based on Alice in Wonderland

In this zany but extremely funny steam punk pantomime script, loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddell is kidnapped by the villains Mad Hat and Moriarty and taken through the looking glass to an alternate universe and imprisoned in their Dirigible because they want to take over her world and they have a cunning plan to get their way. Her friends Dodgson and Prince Leopold enlist the help of the slightly less famous Shamrock Holmes and his sidekick, James Watson to get her back to their side of the looking glass. Together with the Dame and the Baker Street Irregulars, they set out to rescue her and save their world from imminent disaster. They win, of course!
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 18): 26 named characters but many characters can be doubled or played by either sexFull-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performTragedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Sassafras Cannon

Sassafras Cannon is a civil-war black comedy play highlighting and satirizing the follies of human nature, at its base. Featuring a set of characters ranging from the offbeat Bloodworth family, holding the reigns to a chocolate manufacturing corporation like the world has never seen, a lampooning version of President Jefferson Davis, a butler who seems a bit, well, evil, and even down to investors from overseas, all whom make their appearances, the show exaggerates America’s time-tested fascination with all characters wild and strange, all while twisting history into it’s own new version, all in a style reminiscing to the days of vaudeville shows and the Ziegfeld Follies. Did you know that cocaine, now considered a drug, was in the original mix of Coca-Cola? Did you know that Jefferson Davis is rumored to have been fleeing from the Union at the time of his capture in his wife’s clothing? These are all facts and rumors that the play uses to perpetuate it’s story and satire, combined with intentional historical inaccuracies and rumors. Attendance at the production is recommended for those with both a sense of humor and a grasp of history.
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 10): Lucian Bloodworth (20's and up), Constance Bloodworth (20's and up), Anson Bloodoworth (10-18), Orpheus (20's and up), Hughe Verdigris (20's and up), Jefferson Davis (20's and up), Methe (20's and up), Housestaff/Investors (20's and up)Full-Length.
Adult ThemesSwearingComedyTragedyHistoricalHorror/GhostThrillerBased on real people/eventsFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Snow White and the seven Ugly Sisters

Once upon a time, there was a wicked queen with an evil sidekick of a magic mirror. She was also the most beautiful woman in the world. Unfortunately this didn’t bode well for anyone else who was well, even remotely good looking. When the Princess Snow White blossoms into beauty, and the mirror informs the queen that she is shortly (well next Tuesday to be exact) to move to second place, the queen decides that someone else needs to take drastic action, and she sends her huntsman to kill the princess and bring back her spleen. Since she doesn’t actually know what a spleen is, Snow White and the Huntsman fool the queen, and Snow White runs away into the deep forest. There she meets the seven ugly sisters who kindly take her under their wing when they hear the queen’s evil plan. In the meantime, the mirror has informed the evil queen that actually, Snow white is still alive and kicking in the woods. The Queen decides to do her in with the aid of a magical nuclear cigar, delivered by Royal Mail. The seven ugly sisters leave for work as air hostesses on Goldonian airways, leaving Snow White alone in the cottage with strict instructions not to accept any multicoloured apples from strange old women. Snow white is interrupted by the arrival of the ever so sexy (but boy does he know it) Prince Valiant, who is Revolta’s (one of the ugly sisters) brother. He brings an invitation to his engagement party for his sister, Revolta. Snow White is surprised to find that he not only has no idea who his bride to be actually is, but that she should count herself lucky to have him as a husband! He tries to flirt with her but fails horribly and leaves, but not before accepting a package from Royal Mail for her (The postman is the queen in disguise) containing two nuclear cigars. When the seven sisters arrive back from work, they’re all excited by the package, but when Snow White lights the cigar for Hideosa, it backfires, sending her into a magical sleep. The girls summon Valiant who happily kisses Snow White and wakes her up. He in turn is amazed to find that she actually doesn’t want to marry him on the spot. They are interrupted by the arrival of the queen who has decided to kill Snow herself (properly this time.) The sisters save the day by lighting the other cigar and aiming it at the queen, sending her into a magical sleep. Snow White becomes the new queen of the magical kingdom and they all live happily ever after. A fun non traditional pantomime filled with cleverly adapted Show tunes and witty dialogue by best selling playwright Claire Demmer. This pantomime would suit a typical drama group where the majority of the players are female – but the sisters can just as easily (and humorously be played by males.) Notes: The author will allow workshopping of the script. All of the songs can be substituted at the director’s discretion. The nuclear cigars can be substituted for any other weapon of choice.
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 13): 13 minimum 3 definite F and 3 definite M parts, rest can be N.Full-Length.
Files available for downloadSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyPantomimeDetailsDetails

Honesty - radio drama play

Colin is an ordinary hen-pecked husband who lives a very quiet life with his wife, Sandra. He is the type who, though likable, is looked down upon by some as a boring mundane character. He is the type who would never even think about straying beyond the boundaries of respectably. However all that drastically changes one evening when he reluctantly goes to Arthur’s Leaving Do. They are in the Dolphin Inn, where Colin is coerced into having pints of beer. As the evening wears on he becomes interested in Pauline, an attractive woman there. Eventually she agrees to let him walk her home. None of his office friends see them leave together. Their walk is interrupted by a car suddenly pulling up close to them – it is Johnnie, Pauline’s boyfriend – a very jealous and angry Johnnie! A row and fight develops – both Colin and Johnnie are injured. After Pauline leaves with Johnnie in his car, a limping Colin, clutching his injured fist, makes his way to the main street. But two yobbos try to mug him – he resists, and is only saved from serious injury by the intervention of three passing men – they are in fact three of his office friends from Arthur’s leaving Do. … A passing police car arrives on the scene, and as a result an ambulance is called for and Colin is taken to hospital – one of his friends, Geoff, travels with him. … Because of Colin’s injuries it is assumed that they were caused by the yobbos
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 10): 14M 9FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadMild SwearingTragedyDetailsDetails

Joe's Wood

When I was a little boy, there was a place we knew as Joe’s Woods because of a First World War soldier who had made his home there. Some called him Joe the Navvy, as he had come to our village with a gang of men to create a slip road that would join two roads together. When the work had been completed he had nowhere to go, so he made his home in a disused mine’s powder shed in the local woods, hence the name of Joe’s Woods. His only companions were Peggy, his mongrel dog, and his friend who we knew as Whistling Jim, another solder of that war, and two young girls who were unafraid of Joe and Jim.
Author: JONES, ValentineCast (at least 12): Full-Length.
Files available for downloadDetailsDetails


Diane Culthorpe, the reputable and ‘motherly’ proprietor of a clifftop hotel in Italy is about to celebrate her thirtieth anniversary as the owner of the hotel. Sadly, she has been far from financially astute and the bank is about to foreclose on the mortgage. Alan Barron, a novelist and author of the trilogy, Anniversaries, has been a guest at the hotel for twenty five years and might also be celebrating his twenty fifth wedding anniversary, had his wife not left him during the first week of their honeymoon. Reg Moss and his colleague Elaine, property investment executives, arrive at the hotel with an ulterior motive – to ascertain whether it would be in their employer’s interests to purchase the hotel to develop it as a casino. Will the executives be exposed and will the hotel be saved in the end in this two act comedy?
Author: PASSMORE, KeithCast (at least 11): 7M 4FFull-Length.
Suitable for Under-16s to seeDetailsDetails

Spare Parts

A couple with a sick child are looking for the possibility of a transplant, and discover the organ market.
Author: FRANCHINI, LeonardoCast (at least 4): 2 M 2 FFull-Length.
Based on real people/eventsDetailsDetails

Tune In

When Danton Stanton ‘accidentally’ kills oil tycoon Mr. Paramount, he alters his will and inherits Mr Paramount’s long neglected TV station, also ‘by accident.’ Danton decides to make the best of things and together with his best friend Walton Harley, team up with a selection of misfits who, between them, have had SOME previous television experience. These include the elderly Beverly Kraft, recently fired from her job at the community college, and Fred Feltbetter, an ageing has-been who fell far from grace in his previous job at the local rival TV network, and who now moonlights as Liza Justice, a cabaret singer. Between the four of them, they come up with a plan to rescue the failed TV station and best the rival network, one televised catastrophe at a time.
Author: STARNES, TimothyCast (at least 11): 5M, 1F - Up to 25 possible doubling roles of either genderFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyBased on real people/eventsFarceSurrealDetailsDetails

Lofty Larceny - two act French style farce by Bruno Lacroix

In this two act French farce, set in a luxury sky rise apartment, Tom Flores, the wealthy industrialist (whose knitting needle business has gone down the toilet) is planning a magnificent heist to save his failing business – stealing his own wife’s jewels. Luckily his wife is too busy contemplating somebody else’s jewels (Yves, Tom’s private secretary’s) to notice. Tom decides to hire a bumbling actor, Greg Hasbine to play the part of a window cleaner/jewel thief to steal the jewels. Little do they know that Greg isn’t going to be the only jewel thief planning to clean them out that day… Lofty Larceny was originally written in French as ‘Haut Vol’ and has been successfully staged both in Canada and Switzerland. The poster is available for use as promotional material.
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 11): 8M 3FFull-Length.
Files available for downloadComedyFarceDetailsDetails

The Trouble With Ex-Girlfriends And Video Games

Gareth has decided he must marry his girlfriend, its the only way of getting custody of his daughter, this plan is slightly deterred though when his girlfriend dumps him. The plan becomes further deterred still when his best friend Batesey's video game sends a deranged super human to kill her... But maybe all is not lost, if Gareth and Batesey could save her maybe this could all still turn around?
Author: SHEA, JAMESCast (at least 22): 13 Male, 7 female and 2 childFull-Length.
Adult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performMild SwearingComedyDetailsDetails

Family Fortunes

As eccentric dysfunctional families go, the Benson brood take the biscuit. Gathering for the delayed funeral of their matriarch, Dot Benson, they receive a telephone call from the Funeral parlour informing them that during the night several coffins had gone missing including the one containing her body. As panic ensues the Benson's decide the funeral will go ahead, despite protestations from the Police, the Church and the Funeral directors.
Author: HAILS, ChristopherCast (at least 8): 5F, 3MFull-Length.
Files available for downloadOn-line performing licencesAdult ThemesMild SwearingComedyDetailsDetails

Done to Death

Done to Death is a satirical, comic look at an American nuclear family in a state of panic. Bud, a young struggling actor, returns home after his father, Walt, suffers a heart attack and the insurance company will not cover the much-needed bypass operation (claiming it could be a psychosomatic illness). As Bud tries to get them to face their reality, they “kill the messenger” by turning on him as the source of their troubles. After Walt's useless doctor prescribes medical marijuana and Bud's uptight grandmother refuses to help, Bud begins to lose hope of ever saving his family from themselves.
Author: HAUN, ArenCast (at least 6): 3f,3mFull-Length.
Files available for downloadDetailsDetails

Enter Love - a modern musical by Lynn Lupold

Enter Love is set in an international airport, located in a large city. The production consists of a series of encounters—with dialogue and music—that take place between an assortment of couples and individuals at various locations—arrival and departure concourses, waiting lounges, baggage check, a coffee shop, restaurant, observation deck, and the central location, a bar—in the airport. During the course of the production the audience witnesses various manifestations and stages of romantic relationships as the characters pass through on their way from one flight to another, and many times from one delayed, canceled, or redirected journey to another, or the continuation of a relationship full of, as pilots like to say, “Chop.”. “Enter love”….was first on stage at Civic Theatre in Lafayette, IN and then at the Quest Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. This show started out as cabaret production at the Cabaret in Indianapolis, IN and it grew into a more complete musical of vignettes set in an airport which provided opportunity for couples and strangers to interact.
Author: OFF THE WALL PLAYS, Cast (at least 13): Thirteen, 13 7F 6MFull-Length.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesMusicalDetailsDetails

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