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La Loteria
AuthorSHIPLEY, Sharyn - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisLa Loteria - a Latin tale of mystical realism (in English) Elemental passions clash in a setting brilliant with color and alive with the music of the mariachi. The beautiful senorita Jicara's betrothal is announced on the Night of the Little Angels. Tragedy and comedy ensue when the young priest Citalli returns from the dead to possess her on her wedding day. The young lovers must escape from the battle between the aroused ancient spirits and the pulsing modern world. How will the lottery decide their fate! La Loteria (formerly - El Noche de los Angelitos) Statistics 9M 4W 2 acts 90mins. by S.A. Shipley More information is available on the website at About Shipley's plays - "... bawdy work of seamless storytelling, intricate and deeply empathetic characters...If you swoon for ..., love or language ... you should not miss this... " Phoenix Review
Cast6M 4W (minimum 9)
Pedro Infante - the Mariachi leader Padre Mayetze - the Chief Priest M 50+ Padre Marakame – the local priest/shaman Nawa - attendent to Padre Tenayo Citalli - M 16+ the Demon Octavio - M 16+ a bridegroom Jicara de Silva - F 16 the bride Don Diego Silva - M 40's Jicara 's Padre Grandma Naka Silva - F 50+ Jicara 's grandmother Solandra - F 16 Jicara 's American friend Chaka/Woman - F 30+ Octavio’s mother Pilla - First Mariachi/First Mestizo/Old woman Cirimo - Second Mariachi/Second Mestizo/Lame Woman Negrete - Third Mariachi/Lotteria Caller/Blind Woman/Hunchback
StatusAvailable for performance
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Sharyn Shipley

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