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The Book of Recipes
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SynopsisFlorence, 1509. At the end of a short but turbulent life, aged 46 Caterina Sforza lies dying in her palace. For the past 10 years she has been living in reduced circumstance, but only in contrast to the opulence of her previous life. She had lived through troubled times for which she had to some extent been responsible. Born the daughter of the Duke of Milan, she had married wealth and power in the shape of Giralomo Riario, nephew to the pope. It was the pope’s ambition that the Papal States, the Romagna, be united under the control of Giralomo. Caterina shared this ambition and dreamed of becoming the mistress of the Romagna. She fell in love with power and would do anything to get it and hang onto it. This became particularly evident after the assassination of her husband. In the famous ‘legend of the wall’ she betrayed her children. The assassins held her children hostage whilst she held the local fortress, the Ravaldino. When the children’s lives were threatened by Antonio Ordelaffi, she is alleged to have said ‘Fools! Can’t you see, the mould that made them is unbroken. I can make some more!’. This was the start of the breach in her relationship with her oldest and favourite child, Bianca. The breach was further confirmed after a series of events. She wreaked a savage revenge on the assassins after they were finally beaten, a rumour spread that she had been responsible for her husband’s death, her proposed marriage to Antonio and the betrayal of her closest ally Giacomo Feo. So in love with power that she lost sight of the bigger picture and became a hated and very lonely figure. Throughout her life she kept a ‘book of prescriptions’ containing recipes for everything from poisons to cosmetics, in particular cosmetics. As she sunk deeper into the mire she increasingly hid behind a mask of make up. It is only after a sudden realisation that she starts to re-assess her life, she goes into a decline. She dies regretting her life, wanting forgiveness from Bianca. Please note, If you experience any difficulties in downloading this play it can be accessed by using the 'edit' button on the tool bar on the download page. If you continue to have difficulties please contact me and I will send an email of the file.
InformationBased on real people/events
Cast7M 8F (minimum 10)
StatusAvailable for performance
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Roger Manktelow
New playwright, ex radar technician, social worker and manager of a small charity. Aged 60 living in Sheffield currently a semi-retired voluntary worker and writer of historical dramas, three so far. 'The Sword of Anathema' concerning the 11th Century Investiture Dispute. 'The Beginning of Time' a study of opportunism during the Black Death. 'The Book of Recipes' about the Renaissance Italian 'Virago' Katerina Sforza. I am also a member of Script Yorkshire.

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