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Grave Consequences
AuthorMYERS, Rawley - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisA widow in a state of shock following a mind-numbing graveside revelation at her husband's funeral calls into a nearby pub' for a little sustenance. Sharing her news with the genial and supportive landlord, he too bares his soul and they find they have empathy for each other's problems and much in common. Both part renewed and revived by the chance meeting.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to see
Cast1M, 2F
Laura (50/60) a new widow, Denny (50/60) pub' landlord, Dulcie (45/55) Denny's wife
ProductionA solitary table in a bar parlour near the fire
StatusAvailable for performance
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Grave Consequences - a play.wpsThu, 20th Oct 2005Full ScriptAvailable to read: £0.00Download here
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Rawley Myers

Retired minor public school head of drama, actor, director, adjudicator, playwright, etc. Just two plays appear on this site to test interest. Others available - chiefly one-acts, but also pantos and commissions accepted

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