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The Sins of the Fathers
AuthorFRIEDMAN, Shirley - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisThis is the story of an Uri, an Israeli Engineer who has lost his family in Romania during the war. As reparation after the war, ships are being built in a German dock for the new Israel, and Uri has been sent to overlook some of the work, and is sent to a German family who sometimes take boarders. In the German family, there is a beautiful German girl called Helza, and her illegitimate son Hans. A constant visitor is Helza’s sister Frieda, who still hates the Jews, and makes nasty remarks about Uri. Then there is the Grandmother, who has not been able to speak since the war years, and the mother, Anna, who is a kindly woman. The father was a soldier and disappeared during the war. They believe him to be dead. Uri and Helza become attracted to one another, despite the snide remarks from Frieda, and Helza learns that Uri had had a lover in Israel, who refused to marry him as she was unable to have children due German experiments. Soon Uri and Helza are in love, and together with the boy Hans, are really happy. Uri also recognises that the Grandmother’s inability to speak is psychological, due to interrogation by the Gestapo, and she is able to receive treatment. However, one day, Anna receives a letter which was sent to her previous address, to advise that Hans is coming home, having been released from the Russian prison camp. She has hardly read the letter when an old man arrives, and for a while she does not recognise him as her young husband, Hans, who had left to go to war. Still she welcomes him and he takes up his old position as head of the family. Uri starts having nightmares regarding the time when his father was shot by a German Sergeant when they were rounding up the Jews in the area. This was now long ago, and Uri cannot understand why this incident has suddenly come to the surface of his mind in this way. Until one day, when the father gives his grandson a picture of himself when he was in the army. Young Hans runs to proudly show it to Uri, who recognises the man who shot his father. When Helza is told this, she begs Uri not to leave her. Uri cannot cope with the situation, however, and leaves saying “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children……”
InformationTragedyRomanceBased on real people/events
Cast5F, 2M 1C (minimum 8)
ANNA SCHULTZ A middle-aged German mother, placid and stolid. FRIEDA SCHULTZ Her 28 year old daughter, typically Germanic in her movements, selfish and self-indulgent. HELZA SCHULTZ Anna's younger daughter. Slight and more lovable than her sister, with lovely features. HANSIE Helza's son. He is about seven, slight and blonde like his mother. OMA Anna's mother, bent and old. Most of the time she is unable to speak, just uttering meaningless noises. URI LEVY He is about 35, of Rumanian and Israeli origin, tall and slim with a fine intelligent face, which is more lined than one would expect at his age. SHOSHANAH An Israeli woman of about 25. Only her shadow is seen and voice heard. HANS SCHULTZ Anna's husband, well built like Frieda, but now bent and broken, with blonde thinning hair.
ProductionOne box set with a facility for interaction between Uri and Shoshanah e.g. drop down screen
StatusAvailable for performance
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Shirley Friedman


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