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The Bigger Picture
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Synopsis“We're not here because of nationalist principles or any kind of deeply held beliefs, so we'll never have that to fall back on. It's never our country, our home. And it wasn't our war. Because you can't own a war, can you? You're just there.” March 2003. Hot shot war correspondents Josie Bracewell and Elliot Harvey arrive in their room at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Kuwait City. They are “embedded” reporters, attached to a British military hospital during the invasion of Iraq; Ambitious, driven and utterly committed to the story of a war that is all their very own as it breaks on the horizon. More or less. Josie is experienced, deeply proud of her career achievements and committed to war reporting. She has left behind a young daughter and a husband for the first time to come here. Elliot is just as hungry to chase that story, but less experienced, exasperating Josie as he blunders his way through their first days together. Over the next few weeks however it is becomes clear that they are victims of a siege of incompetence, inexperience and sheer bad luck as they remain trapped in their hotel room. It is not dramatic or life threatening events keeping them prisoner but the little petty everyday nuisances- communication errors, paper work and red tape. This unexpected time to reflect brings Josie face to face with changed priorities, and she finds she longs to be safe at home with her family. Meanwhile, celebrity front liner Dominique Darosa blasts a stream of news reports through their television screen as the war carries on without them. But Elliot’s luck is improving. A chance encounter with Dominique leads to an alliance that could change his career forever. While Josie’s commitment to the project dissolves, Elliot must face a decision – abandon the hell of their hotel bedroom, or remain loyal to Josie? Finally, Josie persuades Dominique to take him with her, leaving her free to return home to the family she desperately misses. This is not a war story. It is a story for anyone who believes that we can only truly understand the things that impact directly on our lives. On those rare occasions when we do open our eyes, the bigger picture is often not what we expected.
CastTwo Male, Two female (minimum 2)
Josie Bracewell: War correspondant Elliot Harvey: Television news cameraman
ProductionShowcased at Blue Elephant Theatre and winner of Derek Lomas Award
StatusAvailable for performance
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Jules Bower

I am a screenwriter, sketch writer and playwright. I studied Drama at Exeter University before becoming a researcher in factual film. My first writing project was a feature script commission for award winning Indie Stone City Films. My short film King Jeff was one of ten winners in the I-Blink International Screenwriting Competition and is currently in post production with a grant from the UK Film Council starring Jeremy Swift, Kulvinder Ghir and Ben Crompton. I have also had two stage plays produced, at the Arundel Arts Festival and at the Theatre Museum, and I write for several sketch shows on the London comedy circuit where my work has been performed at Madam Jo Jos, The Canal Café Theatre, The Islington Pleasance, and The Hackney Empire New Act of the Year. I was recently selected for a Script Factory project to develop ideas for the Radio 4 Afternoon Play strand.

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