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Mother, Father, Daughter, Sin
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SynopsisMother, Father, Daughter, Sin, is the story of a young woman who is struggling with a past filled with incest and an attempt by her father, the perpetrator, to reconcile with his daughter. The daughter, in her attempt to deal with her tortured past, uses many devices: alcohol, seclusion, and hotlines, all of which prove to be anything but successful. Her father, a very important man in the local political scene, has spent two years in therapy, and two years away from his daughter, before his attempt at reconciliation. The young woman’s mother, knowledgeable of the relationship between her husband and daughter, kept silent out of fear and ignorance. The play uses shifts in time and space to develop the environment for the young woman to finally discover the strength to confront her father and, maybe, move beyond the self destructive behavior that has caused her much pain.
InformationAdult ThemesSwearingTragedySurreal
Cast2M, 5F (minimum 7)
Victoria (20s), Susan (20s), Gordon - Victoria's father (50s), Mother (50s), Darla (20s), Nadine (40s), Rod (30s)
ProductionThere are three areas on the set: 1 - the Liners area, where the hotline volunteers work, 2 - Victoria's apartment, and 3 - an area between these two, which is used to allow the characters to move from the present to the past and back again, it allows the characters to enter the stage without entering the action or to enter the stage and slowly move into the action.
StatusAvailable for performance
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