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SynopsisThe play "We're Having A Great Time?" it is a comedy about wealthy family "Wedgwood" . The main character in the play is mother Victoria, (a housewife) who thinks she is the Queen herself, and everything she does it is to do with the Royal family. The family Wedgwood goes for the first time on a holiday together (to their own villa in Malaga) and from the first moment at the airport (while they are waiting to board on the aeroplane) there is a huge rift between mother and her two adult children Elizabeth and William (who can't stand their mother's obsession with the Royal family). Elizabeth and William as well their father James, trying every possible way to avoid been with Victoria alone and mimicking an laughing behind Victoria's back because she is not been bright enough to see it for herself.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to seeComedyFarce
Cast2F, 2M (minimum 4)
Female characters: Victoria (40-50); Elizabeth (20-25) Male characters James (40-50); William (20-40)
Productionbasic staff, nothing complicated.
StatusAvailable for performance
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WE'RE HAVING A GREAT TIME.wpsTue, 15th Aug 2006Full script for the play "WE'RE HAVING A GREAT TIME"Available to print: £0.00Download here
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I am born on 09/03/1960 in former Yugoslavia (now Montenegro) In the summer 1988 I completed my studies at the Political Science University Belgrade. Since arriving in England on 05/08/1988 and after improving on my English language so far I have got written two novels (both unpublished); 3 full lenght plays; 1 Musical and 213 songs. The Novels are: 1. The May Roses; 2. Lukas Justice Comes Too Late. 3 full lenght plays are: 1. Leila; 2. Love Me Or Leave Me; 3. We're Having A Great Time? The Musical is: I Can't Live Without You. I am also non-performing songwriter. I am writing lyrics and compose music for both female and male artists in all tempos and those musical styles: Ballads; Pop; Rock; R&B; Dance; Gospel. So far I have got 60 demo songs profesionally recorded by my music business partner The Diamond Studios. A full version of all 60 demo songs can be heard on my own website. The address of my website is: In the moment I am working on my second musical "Leaving."

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