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The Art of War
AuthorGARDINER, Peter - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
Synopsis5 characters meet in a Restaurant in New York. Over 5 years we see how the war comes to affect everyone regardless of age, religion, gender or nationality. The play starts in 1945 and takes us backwards through time.
InformationMild Swearing
Cast4M 1F (minimum 5)
Kate (20's) Charlie (20's) Anthony (30's) Simon(40's) Otto (40's)
ProductionA large restaurant table and 5 chairs.
StatusAvailable for performance
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THE ART OF WAR 6TH DRAFT (VERSION POST READING).docTue, 24th Oct 2006"Full Script"Available to print: £0.00Download here
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Peter Gardiner

I have 3 full-length plays. 'The Art of War', 'Before, During and After' and 'Inside'. 'The Art of War' has been read to me by a group of actors. 'Before, During and After' is still in development. 'Inside' is also still in development. I am a professional actor who has written plays because I've been inspired by something, or because I've been inspired by something and thought to myself 'there's a part in that story for me'! As I am a Scottish Actor I have therefore set 1 of my plays - 'Before, During and After' in Scotland and Inside' is about a Scottish family. 'The Art of War' has no Scottish characters in it - I might have to re-write that one!

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