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Rhonna's Tears
AuthorHARRIS, ian - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisFor Rhonna, enough is enough and the only way out…is down. Her mind made up, Rhonna has chosen her escape route from the world of men, carefully. The fact that it is over the side of a very tall building makes not the slightest bit of difference. Peace at last. However, for all her careful planning, Rhonna has not made room in her calculations for the sudden and unexpected attentions of the mysterious Ron. Deeply disturbed by Rhonna’s plan of action, the life-loving Ron takes it upon himself to talk her out of it. Will he be successful? Will Rhonna change her mind and embrace life? Can she ever forgive Adam’s offspring for the despicable way she has been treated? What do you think?
Cast1M 1F (minimum 2)
RON - a strange man (any age) who appears to know too much about Rhonna and too little about life in general. He also has an odd dress sense... RHONNA. (30/40's) Tired, defeated and hope-less.
ProductionModern. A city rooftop anywhere.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Rhonna's Tears.docMon, 11th Dec 2006Full ScriptAvailable to print: £5.00
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
Amateur PerformanceUp to 600 seats. EEC Countries.£10.00 per performance
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ian harris

I live (luckily for me) in Stratford upon Avon. I have written a number of plays and screenplays. I've had my work performed in London and here in Stratford at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. I've also sold an option to my screenplay 'The Smiths'.

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