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Over the Edge
AuthorBARRY, David - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisLydia and her brother Dennis, 14 and 13, respectively, are being brought up by their single parent mother, and have recently moved to another part of the country. Lydia is a fan of Robbie Williams, and if she has any problems, she talks it over with his posters in the confines of her bedroom. Starting a new school half way through the term, the children, who have different dialects, are picked on and bullied. So bad is it for Lydia, that when she goes away to summer camp, she is the victim of extreme bullying. Her brother has already fantasised and told her to kill the perpetrator, and when a tragic accident happens, Lydia thinks it is because of wish fulfillment and confesses to the death.
Cast10F, 6M (minimum 16)
Lydia (14), Denis (13) Mrs Armitage (mid 40s) Beth/DS Robson (mid 30s) Mike (early 40s), Mrs Wimsley/Solicitor (late 40s), Alec/DS Sharpe (mid 30s), John (early 30s) and Samantha, Kevin, Savita, Maxine, Hannah, Colin, Paula and Jackie (all about 14)
ProductionComposite setting. A community play about bullying, which could be performed by adults and young people. But, because of the hard-hitting element of the relevant issue, the language needs to be typical of young people.
StatusAvailable for performance
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David Barry

A professional actor for more than 40 years. Played Frankie Abbott in the sitcoms "Please, Sir!" and "Fenn Street Gang", during which time he wrote his first broadcast TV script. Wrote regularly for 80s sitcom "Keep It In the Family". Has written many training events and videos in the corporate training sector, and wrote first novel in 2002 Wrote his autobiography, "Flashback", in 2006, and a crime novel "Wilie the Actor" in 2008. There are links on his website to his books.

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