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SynopsisWidow, Olivia Dawson, an avid reader of romance novels yearns for the glamorous lifestyle of her characters instead of her urban breadline existence. A chance look out of her window reveals some strange comings and goings from the house across the road involving her brother Jack. He confesses he's a male escort seeing to the needs of lonely ladies of leisure. However one lady wants him for herself and threatens to expose him to her friends husbands. When the new Vice Squad boss arrives at her house by mistake and offers her the job of entertaining some high ranking officials, she is somewhat surprised and delighted, he thinks she's the madame of the house. As her mind begins to work overtime with the thought of some extra cash, she hatches a plan to avert Jack's fate worse than death and come up smelling of roses. Her daughter, Kerry, a drama student and two friends are seconded into posing as her girls. A series of hilarious encounters involving the Bishop, (Yes, I'm ahead of you - The Actress and the Bishop) the Chief Constable and the Mayor, sees the erect pillars of society cracking and crumbling, much to the relief of of Jack who knows their wives intimately.
InformationAdult ThemesMild SwearingNudityComedyFarce
CastF4 M5 (minimum 9)
Olivia(40's) Kerry (Teens/20's) Jack (30's) Frank (40's) Debbie (Teens/20's) Tina (Teens/20's) Harry (50's) Marcus (60's) Steve (50's)
ProductionIdeally a boxed set with working doors at UC, DL and DR. It's an adult off the wall comedy farce full of innuendo and snippets of nudity, with several moral messages lurking in the subtext. The arrogance and pomposity of the high ranking officials should be apparent and they mumble and splutter when their weaknesses are exploited. Olivia's character should emerge from her chrysalis and gain confidence in strides as the action progresses. Jack is struggling to keep afloat as his second career fast approaches burn out mode. Kerry and her two friends provide the glamour and shrewdess as they act out their little game, while poor the Chief Inspector contemplates taking early retirement.
StatusAvailable for performance
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Christopher Hails

Originally from the North East of England and ex RAF. All but retired and enjoying life in Cyprus. Still writing and acting. Having written over 50 plays over the last eight years, my plays are slowly coming into vogue which is not a bad thing.

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