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The Dominican and the Jew
AuthorMANCONE, Michael - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisTakes place during the Spanish Inquisition. Play is about a Nobleman who is determined to destory the Jew that made his family the wealthiest and most powerful family in Spain. He plans to do this using a Dominican who ignores the rules of the Inquisition and hates Jews. Ultimately the plan backfires in a way not forseen by the Nobleman. Four scenes, first three take place in one day; 1st in Nobles study, 2nd in Dungeon, 3rd in Dominican's room (like Nobles study but simpler). 4th takes place years later.
Cast7 M, 2F (one non-speaking) (minimum 9)
Noble Lord, (30's); Captain of the Guards, (30s); Dominican (50s); Eismann (50s/60s); Eismann's Wife (30s); Teresa (late teens); Francisco (early 20s); Sancho (30s/40/s); Tomas (30s/40s)
ProductionMinimum requirements: Noble's study; major props desk, chair and charcoal brazier. Dungeon; rack. Dominican's room; chair, desk, charcoal brazier. A room inside a house; chair, desk, charcoal brazier.
StatusAvailable for performance
ISBNIn process
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