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On the Shelf
AuthorMANNING, Dave - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisSet in 1970s in a stationery store of a large company, the play is about office life at that time. A romantic comedy involving Arthur, very set in his ways, a bachelor, and a new female colleague, with whom he, surprisingly, falls in love. But things don;t go to plan! A younger colleague makes sure of that. A pompous office manager holds court, and the cast is completed by a blowsy female member of staff.
InformationMild Swearing
Cast3M 2F (minimum 5)
Arthur (late 30s); Jim (30); Helen (late 20s); Mr Biggins (50); Woman (late 30s)
ProductionOld-fashioned office, with trays, posters, shelves and a counter.
StatusAvailable for performance
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Dave Manning

Dave Manning, aged 58, lives in Sheffield, married with three children. Only started involvement with the amateur stage at the age of 42, now with Dronfield Players, in North Derbyshire, as actor and occasional director. Have written one play, a One-Act, called "On the Shelf", which was performed at the Sadata festival in June 2006, and later that month at the Dronfield Civic Centre. I hope to write more plays. I have just completed a diary of our production of "Hindle Wakes" covering September to November 2006.

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