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Murder in Montana
AuthorELIAS, Scott - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisA family of English aristocrats arrives at a dude ranch in Montana for their summer holiday. The dude ranch is run by Clovis Custer - great-grand nephew of the famous Indian fighter. After taking a faqll from a horse, the matriarch of the family, Lady Hilda Heppleworth, announces that she intends to cut her two sons and the butler out of her will. Shortly afterwards, she's found dead, in suspicious circumstances. The audience must try to determine who dun it, and how.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to seeComedy
Cast5M, 3F (minimum 8)
Lady Hilda Heppleworth (elderly) - wealthy matriarch of the Heppleworth family, she is a stingy, mean-spirited woman, determined to control the lives of her children, keeping them in close attendance by controlling their allowances Harrison Heppleworth (50s) - elder son of Lady Hilda, married to Hilary. Harry is a heavy drinker and womanizer. He has secret gambling debts and has already borrowed on his expectations. He is secretly having an affair with his sister-in-law, Hyacinth. Hilary Heppleworth (30s-40s) - wife of Harry. She despises her husband for his drinking and womanizing, and is having an affair with her brother-in-law, Horatio. Horatio Heppleworth (40s) - younger son of Lady Hilda, married to Hyacinth. Horatio is a heavy gambler, and is having an affair with his sister-in-law, Hilary. Hyacinth Heppleworth (30s-40s) - wife of Horatio. She despises her brother-in-law, Harry, because of his attempts to seduce her. Bentley (50s-60s)- Butler to Lady Hilda (no known Christian name). He is loyal to his mistress, even though he finds her very irritating. He is good at ‘putting on the face’ when this is needed, but finds ways of ‘getting his own back.’ Clovis Custer (50s) - owner and proprietor (and general factotum) of the Custer Dude Ranch in Grizzly Pass, Montana. Great-grand-nephew of General George Armstrong Custer. He is financially strapped, and desperately seeking new backers for his dude ranch. Sheriff Duke Peterson (adult)- sheriff of Sacagewea County, Montana (a cameo part with only two ines).
ProductionSingle set: interior of dude ranch lodge with fireplace
StatusAvailable for performance
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Scott Elias
Scott Elias writes murder mystery novels and plays. The plays are light-hearted 'who-dun-its' intended for dinner theatre audiences, coming to church and community centre events

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