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High Stakes
AuthorSIEDMAN, Eileen - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisHigh Stakes is an inside look at the personal price paid for espionage, with an unexpected conclusion. Despite forty years of dedicated service, Robert Greene, an American intelligence agent, is forced to reconsider a lifetime of patriotic deception. After a lengthy absence, including service in Iraq, he has returned to Washington, D.C. determmined to reconnect with his ex-wife Helen, while grappling with the most difficult decision of his life: should he “blow the whistle” to the Senate Intelligence Committee or refuse to testify? Robert’s dilemma is exacerbated by his alcoholism and his need for Helen’s emotional support. Professionally, she actiavely works to achieve and maintain America’s hegemony through world-wide financial control by multinatioinal corporations. He has devoted his life to America’s international control by military force.
Cast4F, 4M, (minimum 8)
Helen Greene, 60; Colonel Robert Greene, 64; Paul Greene, 35; Lettie Poole, 37; Bradley Poole, 40; Jason Poole, 15; Molly Poole, 13; Gloria Goldsmith, 27
ProductionSeveral successful staged readings. Single set. Offstage voices.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Eileen Siedman
Playwright, one acts and full lengths. Books, fiction and non-fiction. Essays. Ghost writing.

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