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The Homeless Man
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SynopsisThis play is about Martin Burk, a petulant old man who is killed in a subway accident when a thief, trying to escape after snatching a woman's purse, runs into him and knocks him off a subway platform and into the path of an oncoming train. However, Martin doesn't really die, in the true sense of the word, since he's still able to see and hear people, but people can't see him. Because of this, Martin is able to learn what people thought of him while he lived. And what he learns is not easy to accept. By what he overhears in coworkers' conversations about him, it seems Martin,was a selfish, grouchy, hateful, old man. Remorsefully, Martin wishes he could change their opinions of him, but how? He's dead, and it's too late to do anything about it...or is it? While walking the streets of New York, Martin encounters a homeless man whom, he later finds out, is a whole lot more than what he seems to be. During a reoccurrence of the incident that caused Martin's demise, the outcome is completely different. Martin is not killed. Instead, the man who runs into Martin is, when he topples into the path of the subway train, and Martin is only knocked to the ground. Still baffled, regarding what's happening to him, Martin encounters the homeless man again. This is when he learns that the homeless man is not at all homeless, or even a normal man, but rather some sort of angel sent here to give Martin the opportunity see how he's living his life...and what people think of him because of it. The end of the story finds Martin being given a second chance at life, and the opportunity to change his ways. Think, "It's a Wonderful Life," meets "A Christmas Carol."
Cast6 Male Actors, play 5 different Characters. 3 Female Actors, all play different Characters. 2 Child Actors. 11 total Actors play 20 Characters. Plus 6 or 7 Extras. (minimum 11)
MARTIN BURK A frail, little man, well into his 60’s who goes unnoticed in the world. MRS. BAILEY An older, “proper woman.” CLYDE Friendly doorman. (Actor also plays FRANK) THE THIEF Mean looking brute. (Actor also plays THE HOMELESS MAN) MINOR CHARACTERS: (Some have small speaking parts). SUBWAY PASSENGER #1 Working girl. (Actress also plays MARIE, and WOMAN WITH LITTLE BOY) KATHY Gorgeous receptionist. (Actress also plays ANN, and WOMAN WITH LITTLE GIRL) MR. JENKINS President of the company where Martin works. (Actor also plays ERNIE) NICK Compassionate coworker. (Actor also plays THE GOOD SAMARITAN) HANK Cocky, unsympathetic coworker. ANN A 20-ish secretary. MARIE Another 20-ish secretary. FRANK An inquisitive coworker. ERNIE An unforgiving coworker. WOMAN AND LITTLE BOY Pedestrians. The little boy is six or seven-years-old. HOMELESS MAN Dirty, unkempt, poor soul. GOOD SAMARITAN A clean-cut young man. WOMAN AND LITTLE GIRL Pedestrians. The little girl is around four-years-old.
ProductionLighting, rear projected images, and sound effects play heavily in this production.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Paul Nave
To date, I have written seven feature-length spec scripts, and five shorts. Three of my features and one short have done very well in screenplay competition. “Michael Turci,” my first screenplay, a romance/drama, was one of Ten-First Place winners in the 1999 New Century Writers Screenplay Competition. “Yardley Downs,” a light supernatural, took Fourth Place in New Century’s 2002 contest, and was also one of 406 quarterfinalists from over 1,700 submissions in FADE IN Magazine’s 2002, 7th Annual Awards Competition. Plus, “Michael” and “Yardley” were both quarterfinalists in the 2002 Writers’ Network Screenplay Competition. There had been over 2,300 entries, of which only 387 were selected as quarterfinalists. “Do What You Gotta Do,” a crime/mob drama, was one of 189 semifinalists, from over 2,100 entries, in the 2004 Writers’ Network Screenplay Competition. And my short, “Enough’s Enough,” a crime/drama, was one of 18 finalists out of 80 entries in the 2006 Gimee Credit Screenplay Competition.

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