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Life's Pulvis
AuthorSAVANHU, Sana - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
Synopsis “LIFE’S PULVIS” is set in modern day London’s bright city lights. This story takes us into the heart of the bone crunching, high octane, testosterone filled cage-fighting scene, following the tale of a forbidden love. Lee Jones at age 30 is a white male and is the S.E.F.C (Supreme Elite Fighting Championships) undefeated middleweight world cage-fighting champion. Lee is a womanizer, who has no respect for the female form. Chris Jenkins is 26 a black male and Lee’s best friend since childhood. Chris is also an undefeated fighter in the S.E.F.C. of the middleweight division. Chris is a family man with a wife (Lorna), one stepson (Jake) and a son (Daniel). Lorna married Chris for his money and would do anything to get her hands on it; she shows no reservations about making this objective clear to Chris. Lorna is just looking for the right opportunity, to move her and her sons as far away as possible. While Lee feels that it maybe time to find someone special to share his love and life with. With pressures from promoters and the cage fighting public willing them to fight each other in the Pulvis; with added crushing burdens from society and relationships, over a 9-month period Lee and Chris unexpectedly forge a deeper connection jeopardising everything they fought and bled for with disastrous results and a life-changing conclusion. “LIFE’S PULVIS” is a tragic romantic drama for people who are afraid of being who they really are. It is a quest for truth, self-acceptance no matter what background you originate from or the colour of your skin.
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Sana Savanhu

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