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SynopsisGeorge is a middle aged family man, who has recently joined a drama group. He has been forced into the lead role in a play about Dracula, and is worried about learning the part. He visits a hypnotist and returns home triumphant. Things deteriorate rapidly when George lapses into the part unknowingly.
Cast2M 4F also 1M 5F (minimum 6)
Ages can be from late teens to 50's
ProductionLounge type room, settee, armchair, coffee table, telephone required
StatusAvailable for performance
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Tue, 5th Jul 2005 10:48VanessaHow old should the daughter susan be? i no she is teenager but can she be a mature 18year old one? I am trying to learn my lines as this character, do you have any tips of how to memorise lines? it would be great to have a response from you. thank you.
Thu, 4th Jan 2007 14:56fiona thomsonHow do I read more about this play?
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Michael Newbold
Can be contacted on Writing one act plays for Youth and Junior Theatre over the past 29 years covering issue based material as well as comedy. Have had considerable success with plays entered in UK wide Festivals. Also had success with new work being awarded numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in UK wide playwright competitions. I have had plays performed in Japan and America I also write adult one acts, with mixed casts and all female casts.

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