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SynopsisA hospital comedy set in male and female wards at a local hospital. Wally, in his seventies, an unwashed patient, creates havoc and resentment in the male ward. Ozzie, an orthopaedic patient who has a problem with his genitals, having been bitten by a dog, begins his hospital experience in the female ward due to overcrowding. Later he shows some compassion for Wally. Was it Wally's precious dog Sammy that bit him? In the female ward we witness the jocular repartee between Sandy and Muriel who tease Liz, a hypochondriac. Liz's husband Jim visits her regularly, but all is not what it seems especially when Dorothy arrives in the ward. Although this play is set in New Zealand, the situations could easily apply in Australia and UK. This play has yet to be performed
InformationAdult Themes
Cast12M and 9F ( there is scope for doubling of 5 parts) (minimum 16)
Sandy (40's), Muriel (80's), Liz (30's), Joan (20's), Jim (40's), Dorothy (40's), Ron (60's), Ernest (60's), Rashid (30's), Wally (70's), Ozzie (30's), Brenda (50's), Mike (40's) plus other minor parts.
ProductionThe success of this play is dependant upon the efficient use of lighting and teamwork from the performers to create quick and effective changes of scenes. The scene changes from the male ward (Ward 7 Room F) to the female ward (Ward 9 Room H), and vice versa, have to be directed by lighting only. The same beds and equipment are used in both wards. Those companies which have large stages (and money!) could use a revolving stage to create the scene changes.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Keith Passmore
Keith is a retired Drama teacher who emigrated to New Zealand in 1975.and has since lived in Auckland. He travels frequently to Europe, Asia and the USA and has a passion for France.He has written and directed a number of plays for children, teenagers and adults. He has also been an active member of amateur dramatic societies and has enjoyed a brief journey into professional theatre. However, life has not been brief and he is always searching for fresh ideas despite his age. He also submits English resources to a UK teaching organisation.

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