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Blasphemous Rumours - a hellish tongue in cheek drama by Agustin D. Martinez
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SynopsisMeet Shelby – he’s the general manager for hell. It’s his job to welcome the new recruits, and assign them. Unfortunately hell is running out of space and so…the new recruits are given one last chance. If they can prove why they don’t belong in hell, they will be free to go. Each new recruit is given a T-8 form to fill out, submit and then the wait begins in this drama in one act. Blasphemous rumours follows three sets of recruits, from the stoner teen killed at the Greenday concert to the God Fearing Southern minister’s wife – they’re all there and ready to prove they’re worthy. Or not….
InformationAdult ThemesComedyTragedy
CastCast of 8, 4 M 4 F (minimum 8)
Shelby - the general manager of hell and all the recruits - a stoner from a Greenday concert, a Minister's wife, a food critic, a depressed female artist, a fashion plate from a big city, a hooker and a young guy with no direction in life.
ProductionA Simple set - like the inside of a cheap motel room with a window.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Blasphemous Rumours half script.pdfTue, 6th Aug 2013Blasphemous Rumours half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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