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Death of a Gerbil - a dark comedy about being dead by Dewan and Claire Demmer
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SynopsisMeet Darren. He is an ordinary fellow, with an ordinary job, in an ordinary office, in an ordinary building. He is also dead. He does not know that he is dead……yet. Or that Heaven has lost his paperwork. Or why he got hit by a Double Decker bus. He is about to find out that once you’re dead, things can only go down from there…. Death of a Gerbil, a dark comedy won Best original script at the 2009 Franklin and Friends festival of one act plays
Cast4, 1F, 2M, 1 N (minimum 4)
Darren - a very ordinary slightly confused guy in his 20s/30s Jade - a slightly esoteric girl in her 20s/30s Rodney - guardian angel to Darren. Alcoholic bloke any age 40s up. St. Peter/Peta - typical older white haired government type.
Production2 sets - 1 is in a typical government office with a big desk and a large book on it. The second is a slightly untidy girl's living room.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Script-744.pdfMon, 16th Sep 2013Death of a Gerbil half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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