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Restaurants at Beautiful times - a one act for four actors by David McGinnis
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SynopsisIn this one act drama for four actors, the stage and the actor’s lives are divided into the ‘restaurant’ and the ‘place where the food is prepared.’ Jean and Myceneaus live and work in the place where the food is prepared. They have never known another existence, and theirs is grim existence at best. Their only interaction is with the head waiter who liaises between both sides of the stage – both worlds, as it were. This one act drama for four actors compares the worlds of the very rich and the very poor, and plays on the fact that neither side has any no idea what happens on ‘the other side.’ The play has been produced in Las Vegas by the Nevada Conservatory Theatre and in New York by Working Man’s Clothes thus far. The author would request that he approves/disapproves any dialogue changes or renaming of characters, but genders may be altered at the theatre’s discretion. Read more about David McGinnis
Cast4M (minimum 4)
Jean: Male, older than Myceneaus. Fairly grizzled in appearance. Myceneaus: Male, younger than Jean. Bright-eyed young man. Head Man: Male, any age. Well-dressed, crisp. Rich Man: A rich man. Might be a tad obese; one can never be too sure about these things.
ProductionSimple set - stage divided in two - one a dining area in a fancy restaurant and the other like a rubbish dump with a rope hanging down.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Script-748.pdfMon, 16th Sep 2013Restaurants at beautiful times - half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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