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Someone to Remember - by Ash Cresfelt
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SynopsisSomeone to Remember’ is a one act teen drama which revolves around a psychologically disturbed sixteen-year-old named Jo (who can be cast as a male or a female). Apart from seeing “illusions” of a youngish girl named Misha, Jo is thrown into a world of question, where he/she and those around him/her challenge the potential and purpose of the fabricated elements of Jo’s mind. But when what appears to be fictitious affects Jo’s life, some even darker secrets pertaining to Misha’s appearance are revealed.
InformationSuitable for under 16s to performTragedyHorror/Ghost
Cast5 actors 2M 2F and main character either M/F (minimum 5)
Jo - the main character, teen Dad Misha - a younger girl who was once Jo's friend but only Jo can see her Ana and Andy - brother and sister who are also current friends of Jo.
ProductionA house with a kitchen area, a living room area and a bedroom area. The living room area can be left blank if need be.
StatusAvailable for performance
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