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War Stories - three act cop drama - by Donald Dewey
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SynopsisPhil Lavan an ex cop, haunted by his past, has decided to go into business with an acquaintance of his, Carmen Guzzo. Carmen owns a pet store and his aim is to sell the business to Lavan. Lavan has secrets in his past as a cop that he shares with his ex partner, and close friend, Joey Nicks. When internal affairs sends an investigator to the pet store because they suspect Joey of being a dirty cop, the friendship is threatened as Joey becomes paranoid that Lavan will expose him now that Lavan has left the force. Joey gets a local girl, Jane Smith to spy on Lavan in order to try and find out if he will expose him. Tensions climb throughout this three act drama play to reach a bloody climax where all the secrets and lies are exposed for good.
InformationAdult ThemesSwearingTragedy
Cast5 4m 1f (minimum 5)
Phil Lavan - an ex cop Carmen Guzzo - runs the local petshop that Phil is buying Joey Nicks - Phils ex partner and friend Jane Smith - a local girl who knows both cops Agent for internal affairs
ProductionA petshop
StatusAvailable for performance
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War stories half script.pdfThu, 7th Nov 2013War stories half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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