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The Wandering Bard's Tale - children's fairytale in 1 act by Mike Maxwell
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Synopsis When the Princess Dandelion is kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Jeff and his two sidekicks Cotton and Candy, King Monty (who lives in a hall, not a castle because it sounds better) sends his servant Max to rescue her. Max is aided by a wandering bard, named Pip, who helps Max rescue the headstrong Princess (who gets kidnapped once a month, usually) using a magical necklace and the power of a sneeze to defeat him! This play has been successfully staged and performed for a number of elementary schools in America and it ran for a year. It is a fantasy about the power of friendship and was used to get children interested in the arts.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyRomance
CastSeven, 1 young female, 1 young male, 2 older males - the king and the sorcerer, 1 M bard and 2 N stupid sidekicks (minimum 7)
Seven, 1 young female princess, 1 young male servant boy, 2 older males - the king and the sorcerer, 1 M bard and 2 N stupid sidekicks
ProductionMonty Hall- The flats are painted like stone walls. There is a throne up center stage. Two red banners with the Monty family crest (whatever it may be) hang on the flats. One stage left and stage right of the throne. Forest- Backdrops with a forest scene are hung over the flats. There is a tree stump located stage right. Jeff’s Lair- The Monty family banners and the throne are removed from the castle scene. There is an old looking table with alchemy equipment on it located stage left. The stage right flat has a set of shackles on it.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Wandering-Bards-Tale-2-half-script (1).pdfFri, 14th Feb 2014The Wandering Bard's Tale half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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