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Ali the Barber and the Forty Thieves
AuthorPAUL, Simon - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisNote: Ali the Barber and the Forty Thieves is currently undergoing revisions and will be republished soon. A slightly different take on the traditional Ali Baba/Aladdin story. Although this was intended as a pantomime and could well be performed as such, it could also be done any time of year as a pure comedy piece.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to see
Cast15 and can be played as you wish. It's probably funnier the more cross-playing the better.
Ali the Barber (obviously); Ali's wife;Duncan, their son; Morgania the slave girl; a couple of tourists - Aggy and Maggy; various others.
ProductionThis play/panto has yet to be performed. However, my vision for this was a row of shops with Ali's house stage right, Duncan's shop next door (just off centre stage) and the Caliph's Palace and the thieves' cave stage left. Like all my productions it was intended to be minimalistic. All power to amateur groups without any cash for elaborate sets and stuff.
StatusWork in progress, contact the author for more details
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Simon Paul

Simon's first script, Cinderella, was written for and performed by, the Southfields Theatre Group in January 2009. Simon also directed the production. He has written two more pantomimes and a clutch of monologues. His most recent pantomime, The Frog Prince was directed by Simon and performed by the Southfields Theatre Group in January 2012.

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