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Early Liberty - an American drama by Rita Anderson
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Synopsis“Life is about paying attention to the right things,” but what happens when the people and places you consider safe aren’t? What is “safe” and who spells “Home”? When Mark Haywood follows the beacon into Lighthouse Cove nothing is what it seems. But if Mark’s world is falling apart—despite increasingly-frantic efforts to keep it together, then the hotel proprietor and his family need a special kind of rescue from each other. Just what will it take for Selma to grow up and for Mark to wake up? Can these dueling opposites save the hotel and find a way to be together? Set in 1985 on the Atlantic shore, Early Liberty explores the limits and boundlessness of love and hope, and the darker side of what it means to dream. Early Liberty is a play about false fronts and true love, about crossed wires and yardsticks we never measure up to. This dramatic love story is especially relevant now, especially as regards women’s status, and the parallels between the idealized Reagan Era and the “world as it is today” to reveal that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Early Liberty was produced at Texas State University (Lab Theatre) January 31-February 3, 2013.The play has already been workshopped but the author is open to minor changes, authorized in writing. Read more about playwright Rita Anderson
InformationAdult ThemesSwearingTragedy
Cast4M 4F (minimum 4)
MARK Frustrated hero, stammers when stressed, 32. SELMA GALL Party-girl daughter of the proprietor. Creative but diffused, almost 30. WILLIAM GALL Cheapskate workaholic, owns the hotel but never travels. Aging Dean Martin type. Shoulda been a contenda, 49. ZELDA GALL William’s mentally-ill wife. A fading beauty of undefined foreign heritage. Delicately intuitive, almost prophetic, 49. JUDE Calls himself Mark’s best friend. Ne’er-do-well, 30. CONNIE Mark’s wife. Lady Macbeth of the bar scene, 23. EVERYMAN (M) plays a cowboy, a biker, an MP and a police officer, 19-30. EVERYMAN (F) plays a redhead, a brunette, an MP, and a honeymooner, 19-30.
ProductionA hotel's reception desk, slightly outdated, set in the 80's.
StatusAvailable for performance
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