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Murder and a show by Mike Maxwell
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SynopsisMurder and a Show is the story of Eric, who is married to Aubrey, who is dumb as bricks, and Tom, who is married to Trixie, who thinks she knows everything about everything. These two neighbors have devised a plan to have both wives killed at Aubreyís birthday party. Eric has hired a theater troupe to come perform a murder mystery dinner theater at their apartment, only what Aubrey and Trixie donít know is that one of the actors is really an assassin there to kill them. Everything goes south when one of the actors turns out to be Ericís mistress and one of the other actors winds up dead instead of the two wives. While the actors try to figure out who killed Jay, Eric and Tom try to figure out who didnít kill their wives and why. And to make matters worse a nervous police officer shows up because of report of gunfire in the area. Tensions mount as everyone at the party scrambles to find the murderer while trying to convince the police that nothing is wrong. This whodunit comedy show was produced and performed at Theatre 29 in Twentynine Palms, California in 2001 and was presented as a dinner theater experience. Read more about best selling playwright Mike Maxwell.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to seeComedyFarce
CastNine actors 9 (10) 5F, 4M
Eric Williams: A man that is at the end of his rope because he is married to a complete moron. Eric wants his wife dead so he can live out his Earthly pleasures with his mistress. Aubrey Williams: A complete moron, who wants to be an actress, but she canít separate fantasy and reality. She is Ericís wife. Jared Tolbert: (Must have a British accent) The owner of a traveling theater troupe. He has a strange hobbyÖmurder. Heís British, sort of. He likes to pretend heís British. Chelsea Winters: An actress and Jaredís lead assassin. She shares his hobbyÖsick, huh. She is very pompous and vain. She loves to boss around Kathryn, who she pretends to be friends with. Trixie Jones: The Williamís obnoxious neighbor. She knows everything, whether she really does or not. She tries to have a comment for everything. Tom Jones: A shadow of a man, having been married to Trixie for the past few years. He longs for her death and he knows a guy that knows a guy that can arrange this. Kathryn Edwards: A large woman who want nothing more than to be a great actress, but unfortunately she is a walking calamity. Jay Masters/Detective Brett Steele: Jay is a young actor who idolizes Jared. He wants to be Jared Tolbert, but he wonít live long enough for that to happen. Brett is a young detective who is very nervous about his work. He is allergic to just about everything and has the medications to prove it. Alexis Harper: Ericís mistress. Alexis is an actress who has just joined Jaredís troupe. She wants Eric to divorce his wife so they can be together. She is vain and a little spacey sometimes.
ProductionSet: The Williamís apartment. The front door is located stage left. There is a closet stage right. There are two bedrooms. One is upstage right and one is upstage left. There is a couch center stage. There is a counter and a mini-fridge located stage right, upstage of the closet. There is a phone on the counter.
StatusAvailable for performance
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