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You do love me, don't you? By Claire Demmer
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SynopsisPeta-Ann brings the love of her life, Leon home to meet her family for the first time. Her parents, Robert and Glenda are naturally skeptical about a boy Peta swears is “the one” when she has only known Leon for a few short weeks. Leon is everything a girl would dream of in a guy – polite, attentive and extremely loving towards Peta. So loving, in fact, that he doesn’t want anything to get in the way of their happiness….. A new scary psycho thriller play by our award winning author, Claire Demmer, about really getting to know the man you love…………..before taking him home. The play starts off as a comedy, then depending on how it is directed, abruptly transitions into a psycho thriller or alternatively, a dark comedy.
Cast2F 3F (minimum 5)
Peta Ann - F 20's, Leon M 20's, Robert M 40's, Glenda 40's, Alison late teens
ProductionThe living room of a middle class house. See through screens at the back of the stage can be used for effect
StatusAvailable for performance
DOWNLOADS - these do not include any performance rights
You-do-love-me-dont-you-half-script-4.pdfWed, 30th Apr 2014You do love me, don't you? Half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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