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An ordinary man by S Rob
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SynopsisJack, is a run of the mill kind of guy. He is married, lives in the suburbs and pays his taxes. Itís not his fault heís a werewolf, and to be honest, heís kind of tired of the whole thing, really. His wife, Judy is quite pragmatic about his little problem, and thinks he should just come out to his friends. And take his pills. Things arenít helped by the fact that his best friend, Simon has recently been bitten by a vampire and is now one. When his friend comes clean about being a vampire, and mentions he has potentially heard of a cure for them both, Jack leaps at the chance. But is it really a cure?
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyHorror/Ghost
Cast3M 1F (minimum 4)
Jack - run of the mill kind of fellow.He's also a werewolf. Judy - his wife (not a werewolf) Jack's dad and his best friend.
ProductionThe living room of an ordinary house.
StatusAvailable for performance
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AN-ORDINARY-MAN-HALF-SCRIPT.pdfFri, 30th May 2014An ordinary man half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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