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Enter Love - a modern musical by Lynn Lupold
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SynopsisEnter Love is set in an international airport, located in a large city. The production consists of a series of encounters—with dialogue and music—that take place between an assortment of couples and individuals at various locations—arrival and departure concourses, waiting lounges, baggage check, a coffee shop, restaurant, observation deck, and the central location, a bar—in the airport. During the course of the production the audience witnesses various manifestations and stages of romantic relationships as the characters pass through on their way from one flight to another, and many times from one delayed, canceled, or redirected journey to another, or the continuation of a relationship full of, as pilots like to say, “Chop.”. “Enter love”….was first on stage at Civic Theatre in Lafayette, IN and then at the Quest Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. This show started out as cabaret production at the Cabaret in Indianapolis, IN and it grew into a more complete musical of vignettes set in an airport which provided opportunity for couples and strangers to interact.
InformationAdult ThemesMusical
CastThirteen, 13 7F 6M (minimum 13)
The people that work at the airport - bar tenders, flight attendants etc and the travellers.
ProductionThe inside of an airport terminal. Two to three height layers.
StatusAvailable for performance
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