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Done to Death
AuthorHAUN, Aren - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisDone to Death is a satirical, comic look at an American nuclear family in a state of panic. Bud, a young struggling actor, returns home after his father, Walt, suffers a heart attack and the insurance company will not cover the much-needed bypass operation (claiming it could be a psychosomatic illness). As Bud tries to get them to face their reality, they “kill the messenger” by turning on him as the source of their troubles. After Walt's useless doctor prescribes medical marijuana and Bud's uptight grandmother refuses to help, Bud begins to lose hope of ever saving his family from themselves.
Cast3f,3m (minimum 6)
Bud - The son, early 20s. An aspiring young actor. Hope - The daughter, 19. Dreams of becoming a model. Lydia The mother, 40s. High-strung, nervous, disorganized. Walt The father, about 50. A habitual pot smoker and horse racing fanatic. Vera The grandmother, 70s. A bitter woman who married badly. Howard The family doctor, a marijuana addict
ProductionSingle living room set
StatusAvailable for performance
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Aren Haun

MFA Columbia Playwright, currently living in San Francisco.

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