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Golden Elliott
AuthorSTOCKHAM, Linda - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisConnie, a deeply troubled Vietnam War veteran, must finally confront the truth about how the brutality of that war changed forever his idealized childhood friendship. The psychological shock of what happened to him in Vietnam caused him to retreat back to the innocence he knew prior to entering the military. Having spent years in a mental hospital with dead end therapy, he is released to his guardian, who lives next door to the family of the best friend (Elliott Baylor) that he lost in Vietnam. Deemed harmless, it is Connie's constant replay of events from his youth that bring about a confrontation with the mother and sister of Elliott; and thus, the revelation of the awful truth about Elliott's death.
Cast2 F, 1M (minimum 3)
Mrs. Baylor: 64, she is a music teacher and housewife. Jolene: Her daughter, who is a college professor. She is 42. Connie: A disturbed man of 44.
ProductionThe scene of action is continuous and takes place on the service porch of the Baylor home. The place is a semi-rural area in the Midwest, a long time after the Vietnam War.
StatusAvailable for performance
ISBNCopyright (c) 1994
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GoldenElliott.docSun, 5th Dec 2004"Full script"Available to print: £0.00Download here
Available on ScriptCircle: (for other licences please contact the Author)
Mon, 27th Dec 2004 16:56ArthurSounds powerful: Hope not cliched: Have you written about women veterans of Vietnam ~ there must be some, Huh?
Sat, 1st Jan 2005 00:17Response to ArthurA subtle anti-war piece from the female perspective. Has been performed in Los Angeles (two different productions); Scottish one-act play festival (Forfar District); in workshop in Galway, Ireland; and over public radio (USA) via KSFU-FM San Francisco. Playwright does not repeat premises/themes. Quite open to allowing educational institutions as well as community theatre companies with educational outreach programs to perform plays royalty free.
Sat, 1st Jan 2005 21:32Vietnam War PlaysIf you're interested in a pithy work about the Vietnam conflict from the perspective of a Vietnam woman (not a female Vietnam veteran), check out Les Smith's play BODY COUNT.
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Linda Stockham
Linda Stockham is a playwright and cultural anthropologist. She has had plays produced in New York City and Los Angeles; in Australia and Scotland; in various national and international festivals and workshops; and over the public radio.

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