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Madrababes - fun filled one act musical by Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson
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SynopsisA fun filled one act musical for six actors, 3F and, er, 2 other F dressed up as men and at least one real man with a real beard. Madrababes was staged in June 2013 in Swindon, as part of Madam Renards Mini Fringe to great reviews! A REVIEW OF MADRABABES AS PART OF MADAM RENARDS FRINGE ‘One of the main words that popped into my head when I first started watching Madrababes was ‘fun.’ A one act musical made up entirely of madrigals, a form of early music pop music. Please be advised to leave your serious hats at the door for an hour of entertaining quips and silliness, a story of 6 friends finding love through jokes and song. We meet John and Tom, two stylish elegant ‘men’ lamenting their lack of luck with their lady friends Phyllis and Philomela, could it possibly be because they are far more worried about what they’re wearing than displays of manliness? The ladies are equally lamenting about the lack of decent men in the area when in walks Amyntas, a tall man with a real, not drawn on, beard and a deep voice. Naturally fighting ensues and much harmonised singing. ‘ by Abby Sparrow
InformationAdult ThemesComedyMusical
Cast6, 5F 1M (minimum 6)
Three real women, two women dressed up as men and one actual manly man,
ProductionBlack box theatre small stage
StatusAvailable for performance
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madrababes half script.pdfFri, 10th Oct 2014Madrababes half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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