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Tune In
AuthorSTARNES, Timothy - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisWhen Danton Stanton ‘accidentally’ kills oil tycoon Mr. Paramount, he alters his will and inherits Mr Paramount’s long neglected TV station, also ‘by accident.’ Danton decides to make the best of things and together with his best friend Walton Harley, team up with a selection of misfits who, between them, have had SOME previous television experience. These include the elderly Beverly Kraft, recently fired from her job at the community college, and Fred Feltbetter, an ageing has-been who fell far from grace in his previous job at the local rival TV network, and who now moonlights as Liza Justice, a cabaret singer. Between the four of them, they come up with a plan to rescue the failed TV station and best the rival network, one televised catastrophe at a time.
InformationAdult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyBased on real people/eventsFarceSurreal
Cast5M, 1F - Up to 25 possible doubling roles of either gender (minimum 11)
Danton Stanton (20s) Walton Harley (20s) Beverly Kraft (50s and up) Fred Feltbetter (50s and up) Judge Amnesty (40s and up) Prosecutor Lockwright (30s and up) The Strange Individual (40s and up) The Overbearing Announcer (20s and up) The Intern (early 20s) The Bailiff (any age, gender) The FCC Officers (any age, gender) Opiate Acres Nurses and Patients (any age, gender) The Vicariously Living Mothers (30s and up) The Beauty Pageant Contestants (doubled Jury Members) The Jury Members (20s and up)
ProductionBoth a courtroom set and television studio office set will be needed. The ensemble will be consistently onstage, behind a shadow screen.
StatusAvailable for performance
Contact Details: All licensees available via Off the Wall Plays. (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Timothy Starnes


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