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In the Drink
AuthorSTARNES, Timothy - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisA melodramatic comedy about the founder of a new brand of cherry cola and his not-so-charming wife, who are living the life of the rich and famous - this, despite the fact that their new cherry cola has caused a public stir by setting the tongues of people who drink it on fire. But…. in doing that, it has brought in a lot of new business for the local dentists and doctors. The investors are therefore very happy, so they are too. So they’ll carry on drinking their absinthe and gin. Just not their cola. In the Drink was originally performed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s 24/7 Play Festival.
InformationAdult ThemesSuitable for Under-16s to seeMild SwearingComedyFarceSurreal
Cast1M, 1F (minimum 2)
Lord Cynehard (20s and up) Lady Cynehard (20s and up)
ProductionMinimal set needed, basic living room/parlor furniture suggested.
StatusAvailable for performance
Contact Details: Licenses available via Off the Wall Plays. (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Timothy Starnes


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