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Gravestone Lickin' Good
AuthorSTARNES, Timothy - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisDeath has a problem. Her name is Pamella Pilsborough. This southern cook is costing Death tons of paperwork and heís grown tired of dealing with this thorn in his side. Southern food is bad for you, or so some say, with all the sugar and greaseóbut in this case itís not just the food thatís deadly. A clueless Pamella has become a murderer. With otherworldly intervention, Death entertains the audience; resurrecting past victims to wreak vengeance on Pamella and save him the time to do her in himself.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to seeSuitable for under 16s to performComedyHorror/GhostBased on real people/eventsFarceSurreal
Cast1M, 5F, 2 Any (minimum 6)
Death (Any age) Pamela Pilsborough (50s and up) Paul Pilsborough (50s and up) Betty (50s and up) Ethel (50s and up) Nancy (50s and up) A voice and hand (from offstage)
ProductionA kitchen set is needed.
StatusAvailable for performance
Contact Details: Licenses available via Heartland Plays Inc. (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Timothy Starnes


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