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The Fortunate Boy
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SynopsisAn unromantic comedy. The ‘fortunate boy’ of the title is Maurice, who was abandoned as a baby by his mother, Rose, a street-singer, discovered by the Constable, and adopted by Bradshaw, the mayor, and his wife Eve, as an adjunct to their various ambitions. Marriage is forced on Maurice and his girlfriend, Belinda – the Constable’s daughter, only because the wedding itself will further the devious ambitions of Bradshaw, and the Constable, and so that Eve, an events organiser, can be seen to be at the peak of her profession. But things go downhill with the re-appearance of Rose, and a sequence of revelation and recognition mean the wedding cannot take place, as Maurice and Belinda are actually brother and sister. Then Maurice proposes a solution which should satisfy all concerned, the event goes ahead, the siblings escape, and while the poor people of the town riot against Bradshaw’s scheme, the parents’ relationships fall apart.
InformationAdult Themes
Cast3m, 3f (minimum 6)
ROSE…………………………….a street-singer, twenty years of age and then forty CONSTABLE……………………a senior police officer. BELINDA’s father BRADSHAW…………………….a magistrate, later mayor, MAURICE’s father EVE BRADSHAW……………… wife of BRADSHAW, MAURICE’s mother MAURICE………………………..a well-to-do young man, twenty years of age BELINDA………………………,..MAURICE’s girlfriend, an assertive young woman.
ProductionROSE sings lyrics in the script, unaccompanied. The basic set requirements are one tree, a large table, several chairs and a chaise long. Costume should be exaggerated. Make up could be, too. An acorn plays a central role
StatusAvailable for performance
WebsiteNo website yet
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